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April 19, 2016
Essential Items for Your Baby Registry
Make sure you register for these essentials for your new addition

When youíre expecting a child, the sheer amount of items available for purchase can be overwhelming.

For first-time parents especially, itís difficult to know which items youíll actually need and which will collect dust in the closet. Here are just a few of the items parents of newborns find the most useful:


While many friends and family members will be tempted to buy tiny newborn clothes, itís important to remember that your baby wonít be in this size for long (if at all). Help out your gift-givers by registering for baby clothes in a variety of sizes, from 3 months up to 12, or even 18 months. You might think that itíll be a long time before youíre digging out the 12 month onesies, but larger babies especially will need this size sooner than youíd imagine. suggests registering for side-tie or side-snap T-shirts for your newborn baby to wear until his umbilical stump comes off.


Whether you plan on using cloth diapers or disposables, having a full stash right off the bat will help you through those first few weeks when you canít tell night from day. If using cloth, recommends building a stash thatíll last you 1 Ė 3 days, depending on how often you intend to launder. Assume youíll need 12 diapers per day for a newborn, making 12 Ė 36 the ideal number of cloth diapers to own. If you plan to stick to disposables, make sure you register for a variety of sizes to help save money as your baby grows. also recommends registering for a diaper pail, changing pad and disposable wipes.


Itís important to have a safe place to bathe your baby until she is big enough to sit up unassisted in the tub. lists a baby tub or small plastic basin as a must-buy for new parents. Youíll also want to register for soft towels and washcloths, baby shampoo and soap. Stick with unscented products formulated especially for babies to avoid skin irritation.


Your baby will need a safe place to sleep thatís easily accessible for middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes. suggests registering for a bassinet, play yard, cradle or other portable place for your newborn to sleep. You can also register for a crib for when your baby is old enough for the transition; make sure you also register for multiple fitted crib sheets so youíre not rushing to do laundry in case of an overnight diaper blowout.


One of the most essential items you need for your baby is a car seat. In fact, according to, you wonít be allowed to leave the hospital unless you have an infant car seat already installed in your vehicle. A car seat can also be a useful carrier to allow baby to nap while you eat lunch out or visit family.

In addition to a car seat, recommends registering for a stroller and/or a baby carrier. Both are useful in certain situations; for instance, you can buy strollers specifically made for jogging, or ones with added storage space for shopping trips. A baby carrier is a great way to keep your baby snuggled close to you while leaving both hands free to carry groceries or do laundry.

Looking at the sheer amount of products available for babies, you might assume you have to register for everything in sight, but as long as you stick to the essentials, youíll be all set.

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