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March 17, 2016
Off-Season Highlights

When windjammer guests are hunkered down for the winter season, the captains of the Maine Windjammer Association are busier than ever with hobbies, family and building projects.

Captain Kip hits the slopes!

When your two favorite activities are skiing and sailing, Maine is a great place to live. It’s no surprise then that Captain Kip Files of the Victory Chimes calls Maine home. With the Chimes safely wrapped for the winter, Captain Kip has been busy on what locals call "The Hill,” one of New England’s largest ski resorts. There, he makes it a point to get in as much skiing as possible. When we last spoke to him, he was up to 62 days.

credit: Captain Brenda Thomas
Captain Brenda and family explore Bean Town! Kai dons his life jacket and polar bear feet at the Children's Museum. Kamea concentrates on the nanotechnology exhibit at the Museum of Science.

Captain Brenda, of the Isaac H. Evans, has been spending the winter being a full-time mom of two young children. “Everyone got snow shoes for Christmas!” so they’ve been out in it as much as possible. Also, last year the family had planned a special February trip to Boston but they were waylaid by record-breaking amounts of snow that clogged up the city for the month. This year they made it and explored many of Bean Town’s wonderful museums!

This winter, the Barnes ran a Ladona Limerick Challenge. Winners were selected by author-commercial fisherman Captain Linda Greenlaw. Here’s one of Noah and Jane’s favorites, written by Rebecca Hagelin:

A lady of Rockland named Jane
Has a husband who's clearly insane.
He bought another old boat,
That barely could float,
And thinks that his wife will remain!

Captains Noah Barnes and J. R. Braugh have been busy finishing the rebuild of Ladona. “We are saving an 80-foot classic schooner from certain ruin. I’m doing what anybody would’ve done—anyone who was serious about boats—would have done 70 years ago,” says Captain Noah. They’ve made their way to the interior and are just putting the finishing touches on what will surely be a gorgeous vessel providing guests with a sense of vintage cruising.

Take a look at last month’s article to see what three more MWA captains have been doing this winter. For more information about sailing this season, please visit our website.


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