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February 10, 2016
Announcing this Season’s Newest Specialty Cruises!

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Yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, expressive arts…this summer, the Victory Chimes is offering a three-day (July 27-30) Wellness Cruise for guests interested in renewing their mind, body and spirit!

The captains of the Maine Windjammer Association have made it easy to combine extracurricular passions with spectacular sailing and the backdrop of Maine’s rugged coastline. This season, here are a few new twists some of the captains have added to the roster.

For the first time, the Victory Chimes will host a wellness cruise that will combine the traditional rest and relaxation of a windjammer vacation along with massage, art therapy and yoga. Imagine doing Down Dog on the deck of a museum-worthy vessel as eagles fly among the treetops and porpoises swim below. Certified yogis, massage therapists and professional art teachers will be on hand to cultivate a sense of inner wellness as Maine’s gorgeous coastline and abundant wildlife slip by. Captain Kip says, “It’s something we’ve never done before—I think it’s going to be great, very relaxing.”

With so many pristine islands and waterways, scenic beauty and wildlife, is it any wonder that National Geographic named Maine the East Coast’s best kayaking destination? Now paddlers can combine their love of kayaking and sail with a special four-day cruise aboard the Schooner Lewis R. French.

The Lewis R. French is also offering something new: a four-day kayaking cruise (June 24-28). One day of this trip, guests will enjoy a spectacular sail to Stonington where they’ll meet a professional kayaking guide who will lead them on a paddle around a number of the islands in Merchants Row, an area known world-wide for its gorgeous kayaking opportunities. This is a real participatory excursion for guests of all skill-levels who want to enjoy kayaking combined with the exhilaration of windjamming. The day will end on an uninhabited island where Captain Garth and his crew will prepare a beachside lobster bake, complete with corn, steamers and plenty of sweet melted butter. Yum!

Fresh from her 18-month restoration, Ladona is offering two new 5-day cruises this season: Bluegrass & Beer and a Penobscot Bay Food Cruise.

Finally, the schooner Ladona is hosting a few specialty cruises including a bluegrass and beer cruise (August 4-8) featuring locally produced micro-brews. Captain J. R. plans to have guests tour at least one Maine coast brewery along the way. “We’ll have acoustic music on board throughout the trip, along with different brews. It’s going to be great.” 

Also, for serious foodies, the Ladona will participate for the first time in the Penobscot Bay Food Cruise (July 17-22) co-hosted by Down East Magazine. This is an unforgettable week of food and sailing during which the Ladona will travel in tandem with the Stephen Taber to provide guests with an opportunity to tour artisanal food creators like Fiore Artisan Olive Oils and Vinegars, learn tips from veteran Down East editor and photographer Mark Fleming, participate in a chocolate-making workshop with one of North America’s top chocolatiers, Kate Shaffer, and meet a local aquaculture expert during an oyster & beer sampling.

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