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February 3, 2016
Don’t let rust decay your vehicle, get it evaluated NOW at Perkins’ body shop!

As everyone knows, this time of year in Colorado Springs the weather fluctuates almost daily. We go from hot sunny weather right into a snow storm. It is one of the reasons we all love living in Southern Colorado. With the winter sun, we can get on our bikes and take a ride and with the snow, we can hit the mountains for some skiing. However, even if we enjoy the climate and its various changes, our cars often pay the price…and that price often comes by way of RUST.

Rust as many experts say, really is car body cancer. It is the natural process of metals breaking down when the car is exposed to fluctuating air. One scratch on your vehicle that gets through the paint and exposes the metal underneath is all it takes to get rust started. And once it is started, it will not stop spreading – usually very slowly to the eye.

The team of experts at Perkins’ body shop recommends coming into the shop immediately when you first see the initial signs of rust. Then, we are able to put together a plan of action to ensure that fist small marking of rust doesn’t evolve into a situation where your vehicle is badly damaged – getting in front of rust can save you thousands of dollars of repairs if managed early in the process.

Typical rust repairs involve cutting away not only the rusty part but a bit of the un-rusted metal around it so there is no trace of rust and welding a patch in its place. The patch is then shaped to match the surface, primed and painted. This can be hard for the non-expert to determine to be perfectly repaired. If spots are not treated properly you can expect them to get worse until, perhaps, the car is no longer practical to keep on the road – Imagine your car becoming immobile due to rust? Get it looked at quickly so this doesn’t happen.

There are many websites that provide do-it-yourself tips for fixing rust. However, perhaps, before you try to tackle a situation that often requires a team of specialists with decades of experience, such as our team, why not give Perkins Paint & Collision a call so we can provide you with a free estimate so you know all of your options. Here is the number to reach our team: 719-635-3213

Don’t let rust take-down your very important investment – your vehicle.

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