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January 20, 2016
Out of the Box Valentine's Day Date Ideas
Rekindle the romance on one of these adventurous dates

Date night is a crucial part of keeping the romance alive in your relationship, whether you have been with your partner for two months or 20 years. However, going to the same places and doing the same activities every month can lose its romantic feeling. Bringing novelty to a relationship through fresh, interesting activities shakes off the humdrum feelings a marriage could develop.

Instead of going on the same old Friday night dates youíve been doing for years, like dinner at a restaurant followed by a movie at the cinema, try these unique ideas to liven up your relationship.

Get close to nature

Escape from the stressors of the city by finding harmony in the great outdoors. The easiest thing you can do is to pack a picnic lunch, bring a conversation starter book and hike a local nature trail. Make it more memorable by bringing a camera and staging an outdoor photo shoot during your excursion. If you donít like hiking aimlessly, join the geocaching movement and hunt for hidden treasures around your neighborhood.

If travelling far isnít your thing, pitch a tent in the backyard and spend the night stargazing. Family Share suggests turning your backyard camp into a spa by filling a kiddie pool with hot, bubbly water and surrounding it with candles and music. While youíre out in the backyard, make a time capsule and bury it.

The most romantic aspect of being outdoors is getting to watch the sunset or sunrise together. Find a quiet location thatís known for having great views and snuggle up with your significant other.

Excite your taste buds

A full stomach is important for keeping you and your spouse happy. Spice up meal time by cooking together. Find a challenging new recipe and work together to create it. Whether or not it comes out the way it should, you will still strengthen your communication and teamwork.

If you like to eat out, try a local restaurant youíve never visited before and order dishes on the menu that youíve never tasted. Or satisfy your stomach at multiple eateries by taking a local restaurant tour: order an appetizer at once place, the main course at another, dessert somewhere else and drinks at yet another.

Get competitive

Friendly competition can get the adrenaline flowing and the romance sizzling. Go to a sports complex and try out the batting cages, miniature golf or go-kart track. If youíre not feeling athletic, find an arcade that is filled with retro video games.

You donít have to leave your home to play around, either. Buy a deck of cards and some new board games and stage an all-day game tournament. Many fun, new two-player games are published every year.

Regardless of what date you plan, focus on your partner rather than your phone. Only by committing fully to your experience will you rekindle that passion.

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