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January 20, 2016
Laundry Life Hacks
Make laundry day easier with these hacks

Dirty laundry can be one of the more unsightly things in a bedroom. Regularly doing laundry, however, is always a bit of a hassle. How can laundry day become easier? Here are a few laundry life hacks that will help the chore pass more quickly and efficiently, while keeping your clothes looking new.

Sort your laundry as you go

This is a cheap, timesaving measure that will make laundry day so much simpler. Purchase multiple laundry hampers and arrange them next to each other. Designate one as the laundry hamper for whites and the other for darks. This method completely eliminates any sorting on laundry day, which makes it much more efficient. If needed, purchase even more hampers for delicates, perm press, sheets and others.

Wait longer between dry cleanings with spot treatments

Even though a lot of clothes are dry clean only, dry cleaning can actually shorten the life of a piece of clothing. To make clothes last between trips to the dry cleaner, the Art of Manliness suggests spot treating the piece of clothing, assuming the garment can be spot cleaned. Use clean water, avoiding home remedies like club soda and salt, and always dab the spot instead of rub.

Use baking soda to make your whites whiter

Bleach can be messy and damaging to non-white clothes, so brighten whites with baking soda instead. Add a cup of baking soda to each load of laundry directly with the clothes. Do not put it in the detergent dispenser on a front loader. According to Good Life Eats, the baking soda will then help brighten your whites, while also removing any unwanted odors. It even eliminates the worry of accidentally bleaching a piece of clothing that doesnít need to be bleached.

Keep track of socks with a lingerie bag

Sometimes, it might seem like there is a sock troll living in the dryer stealing your familyís socks. It can be difficult to keep track of pesky footwear when it is in the process of being cleaned; eliminate any chances of losing a sock with a lingerie bag. Typically used to protect delicate undergarments, a lingerie bag will keep all socks together, while still allowing them to be cleaned. Buy each member of your family a mesh lingerie bag and turn it into a fun craft project for the kids. Give everyone fabric markers to decorate their own bag. This will make it easy to not only keep all socks together, but also determine whose socks are in each bag.

Un-shrink clothes with hair conditioner                                                                       

Sometimes, clothing happens to shrink a size or two after making an accidental trip in the dryer. Instead of throwing it out, however, Down by the Bays has a way to un-shrink. Gather a pitcher of water, some hair conditioner and the shrunken clothing. Combine the water with a liberal amount of conditioner and mix it together. Soak the damaged garment in the mixture for at least 15 minutes. After the time has passed, placed the clothing on a towel to dry, lightly patting it dry with a second towel. Then, pull the garment gently to stretch it. Make sure the garment isnít pulled too hard, though, because it may stretch out further than intended. Finally, let it dry. Once it is dry, hand wash the clothing to make sure it doesnít shrink again.

With these laundry life hacks, laundry should be a much more manageable chore for you and your family.

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