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October 19, 2015
Holiday Decoration Storage Tips
Make holiday decoration storage a snap with these four easy tips

After all the trick-or-treaters have gone home, after all the presents have been unwrapped and after the last serving of turkey has been eaten, there comes a moment of annoyance as you realize that you now have to take down all of your decorations. This yearly ritual often comes with much frustration stemming from a disorganized storage system. However, with these four decoration storage tips, storing and unpacking each season can be simple and quick.

Dealing with strand lights

To avoid the hours-long tradition of untying knotted lights from last season, pack your lights with a plan in mind this time around. If you want to be extremely low-tech, wrap the lights very loosely around your hand, leaving several inches free at the end. Remove your hand and use the long end to wrap around the entire bundle before tucking it under one of the loops.

This method, however, still has the potential for some minor snags and is impractical for long light strands. For the ultimate solution for light storage, wrap lights around plastic extension cord spindles. This makes wrapping up and deploying lights a much simpler proposition.

Saving fragile decorations

Often, the more fragile a decoration is, the more value it has. To protect your precious decorations, Square Cow Movers suggests that you save the itemís original packing material. Often, these packing materials are form-fitting and function much better than the traditional crushed-newspaper method.

However, if storing the decoration in the original packaging is impossible, the first step is to find a sturdy new storage container. indicates that the more fragile an item is, the smaller the storage box should be. After selecting a container, you can wrap the decoration in newspaper, tissue paper or paper towels, and place it (packed inside the small container) inside a larger container with the rest of your decorations.

Protecting candles

Candles are something of an unique problem to store. If left somewhere where they might be exposed to sunlight or warmth, they could fade, warp or melt entirely. Square Cow Movers recommends avoiding storage locations like the garage or the attic, where temperature could shift with the seasons. Instead, store boxes of candles in dark, dry places like basements or under beds.

Strategize for next year

Make the decorating process easier for yourself next year by planning ahead. The website recommends simply packing similar decorations together. That means all snowflake ornaments go in one box and all Santa stockings go in another.

To make unpacking even easier, suggests that you create an itemized list of every decoration that goes in each box. Then, once everything is away, you can store that list in a binder or attach the list to the outside of the corresponding box. This makes finding the decoration you are thinking of a faster process.

On top of these tips, it is a good idea to follow general packing guidelines, like placing the heaviest items on the bottom, keeping all related packages in one place and labeling all boxes. Doing so will ensure that your decorations are stored in a safe and organized fashion.

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