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October 19, 2015
Getting Creative with an Old Winter Sweater
Stay warm without breaking the bank with these easy DIY projects

Winter is a beautiful time of the year, often coating much of the country with a dusting of glittering snow. Though this season is one of the prettiest, it is also the coldest. Stay warm this winter with a variety of do-it-yourself winter clothes projects. Not only will these projects jazz up any wardrobe, but they will also keep you nice and toasty.

Create a headband from an old sweater

Cold ears are a common nuisance during the winter. Keep your ears warm this year with a soft new headband. This headband can be made from a beloved sweater that doesn’t fit anymore or a hand-me-down that is no longer in style. First, cut a long rectangle from the old sweater. Next, hem the sides of the rectangle using washable fabric glue. Simply draw a line with the fabric glue on the inside of the new headband, folding over the edges about half an inch. This will make sure the headband does not unravel in the future.

After hemming the headband with fabric glue, pin the ends with the outside facing in. Use a zigzag stitch to sew the ends together, and the project is finished. Add an embellishment if needed.

Turn a sweater into a skirt

Sweaters normally keep the top half of the body warm, but old sweaters can easily transform into a new skirt with the right tools. Gather a cable knit sweater, an old t-shirt or top with ribbed fabric, a 1-inch-wide elastic band the length of your waist and some general sewing supplies (sewing machine, scissors, thread and pins) to transform your sweater into a skirt.

Begin this transformation by cutting the bottom half of the cable knit sweater off just under the arms. My Poppet suggests not pulling or stretching the sweater while this is done, as the stitches may unravel. After this step is finished, cut a 4-inch-wide band from the body of the ribbed top for the waist band. Then, measure the elastic band to fit the waist, sewing the ends together after you have the right size.

After everything is measured, fold the waist band fabric in half over the elastic band. Turn the old cable knit sweater piece inside-out and align the raw edges of the cable knit (where the original cut was made) with the raw edge of the waist band fabric. Pin these in place, sewing along the edge with a narrow, medium length zigzag stitch. Turn the resulting garment outside-in, and your skirt is complete.

Make your old sweater like new

Old sweaters can be transformed with embroidery, elbow patches or pearls and other jewels. The only tools required are needles, thread and whatever item that will transform the sweater. You and your family can make a day of transforming old sweaters you find at thrift stores into winter masterpieces.

Keeping warm this winter is easy when there are so many do-it-yourself winter clothes projects to do. Simply transform an old sweater into something new, and you are guaranteed to bring fashion to this cold season.

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