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October 19, 2015
Proof that Peanut Butter Makes Everything Taste Better
Mystify your taste buds with these unusual peanut butter concoctions

November marks National Peanut Butter Lovers Month. To celebrate, get creative in the kitchen with some unique recipes that might seem odd but are totally delicious.

Peanut butter on waffles or pancakes

While some of the later recipes on this list are rather shocking, peanut butter can actually be a common go-to for breakfast gourmands. In place of the typical butter topping, consider spreading a thin layer of peanut butter atop your waffles or pancakes, and add syrup or honey for extra taste. To make this breakfast healthier, consider making pancakes with just eggs and bananas at a two-to-one ratio, and top with natural peanut butter (salts and peanuts only) and honey.

Chili and peanut butter sandwiches

A peanut butter sandwich by itself—or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for those with a stronger sweet tooth—is not an uncommon meal. Something that is significantly less common but still delicious, however, is a peanut butter sandwich dipped in chili. The Adventure Bite recommends testing different types of peanut butter sandwiches with your chili, such as peanut butter and honey, peanut butter and banana or even peanut butter and pumpkin butter.

Peanut butter and sweet onion sandwiches

Though it may sound like a possibly repulsive combination, a classic peanut butter and sweet onion sandwich actually pleases the senses quite well. Food 52 recommends this sandwich, made with thinly sliced onions and a layer of peanut butter on bread, for those who like raw onions but need something to tone down their sharp taste. The sweetness of the peanut butter complements the intensity of the onions quite well. If onions are not your veggie of choice but you still want an intense flavor combination, the Food 52 experts suggest trying a peanut butter sandwich with hot sauce drizzled generously between the bread slices.

Peanut butter, mayo and pickle sandwiches

Peanut butter can be used on a variety of sandwiches, as evidenced by this particularly odd combination. The sandwich is made with peanut butter on one slice of bread, mayo on the other and dill pickles stuffed in between. Again, the peanut butter is used to play off the other ingredients; this time, the creaminess of the peanut butter contrasts the crunchiness of the pickles, making for a delicious sweet-and-sour sandwich for those times you are out of lunchmeat.

Peanut butter drizzled on popcorn

Many foodies are fans of the salty-and-sweet mixtures, especially when it comes to desserts and snacks. Chocolate-coated potato chips have become a hot-selling item, but something as simple as popcorn and melted peanut butter can settle the salty-sweet cravings. The Lemon Bowl suggests heating peanut butter in the microwave for 30 – 40 seconds before drizzling it over your popcorn; for added flavor, top with salt.

Peanut butter is a protein-packed treat that pairs well with many flavors. You can find it as a sauce on many Asian dishes, you can pair it with chocolate for a late-night snack or you can even use it as a dip for veggies that is healthier than a conventional ranch sauce. Do not be afraid to mix and match in the kitchen—you just might stumble onto the next big peanut butter recipe.

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