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September 18, 2015
Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Your Kids
Don’t panic: use one of these five last-minute Halloween costume ideas

The days before Halloween are traditionally a time of sudden panic as parents realize that they need to come up with a costume for their children. As Halloween draws nearer, retail stores will almost certainly be picked clean, and the seasonal stores will be overcrowded with people. The only reasonable option that remains for procrastinators is to come up with a good, quick, homemade Halloween costume. Below are several easy options.


The mummy is a tried classic. To start, have your child put on a white turtleneck and sweatpants, then wrap your child with roller gauze. Be careful not to wrap too tightly and not to cover the child’s eyes or mouth. An excellent optional finish to the costume is to cut strips of the gauze and tape them to your child’s clothes, leaving the ends dangling while wrapping. If you would prefer to leave your child’s face unwrapped, a little dark gray makeup around the eyes and on the cheeks creates a hollow-faced effect.


The mime is the simplest costume on the list, as it requires just three things: black clothes and face paint in black and white. Use the white face paint as a base layer to cover your child’s face, and then add black slash marks crossing your child’s eyes. This costume looks even better if, instead of a plain black shirt, you can substitute in a white one with horizontal black stripes.


This costume works especially well on toddlers and infants. First, dress your child with a long shirt. Next, stuff leggings or long socks with cotton (or other stuffing of your choice), and pin them under the hem of your child’s shirt. Top it all off with a beanie hat with some pom-poms glued to the sides for eyes.


This costume works especially well if you already have a fisherman’s vest around the house; it also has the benefit of being made more or less entirely with normal clothes. Give your child a floppy canvas hat, the fisherman’s vest (make sure to remove all of the hooks first), a pair of jeans and some boots. To tie it all together, take the top half off of a fishing rod, then tie a toy fish to the end of the line. If you don’t have a fishing rod, a stick with some string tied around a notch near the end will work just as well.


This is another fairly simple idea that is mostly about the clothes. To get a lumberjack look, all that is really needed are jeans, a flannel shirt and a beard (which can be made from faux fur or simply drawn on with eyeliner pencil). Top this costume with a beanie hat, suspenders and an optional plastic axe from a store that sells plastic firefighter kits, such as a local dollar store.

If none of these ideas appeal to you or your children, simply look around online. Pinterest and are good places to gather ideas, but a quick online search will pull up thousands of results with inventive ideas. With all of these options, there is bound to be something to please even the pickiest child.

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