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September 18, 2015
Cool Uses for Your Old iPhone
Explore these innovative ways to make use of your old iPhone

In the age of smartphones, our cellular devices tend to become outdated just months after we purchase them. Many of us long for the day we get to upgrade to the latest device, only to discard our old phones or let someone else use them. It turns out, older iPhones in particular have a number of great uses even after you have moved on to the newest version. Instead of ditching your old iPhone permanently, consider reconfiguring it for a different but useful purpose.


A decade ago, most chefs—professional and novice—likely kept their favorite recipes flagged in massive cookbooks or on secret index cards shoved strategically into binders. With the advent of the internet, many cooks have moved to bookmarking recipes on their computers, but there is a faster and more convenient way even still: your old iPhone. Using apps like Paprika ($5), My Recipe Book (99¢) or Big Oven (free), you can browse, store and recall your favorite recipes in a matter of seconds. The iPhone can be kept in the kitchen and will take up much less space than stacks of old cookbooks.


No matter how many gigabytes of storage Apple affords us on the iPhone, it never seems to be enough. Free up storage space on your new phone by turning your old iPhone into your dedicated music player for the gym or car rides. If you feel your old iPhone’s screen is large enough, you can also use it to read your favorite e-books without compromising space on your current phone. Film buffs might enjoy saving their favorite movies to their old iPhones to watch on the subway or in a waiting room, while parents with tech-obsessed children can download fun and educational games for them to play. Doing so just might keep your children from begging you to play with your current device.


Apple’s cameras on the iPhones, especially in later generations, deliver high-quality photos. However, you can increase the quality with camera add-ons like a Sony QX lens ($350) and take professional-grade photos with your old iPhone at a much cheaper price than a professional camera. Once your phone becomes full, you can sync these photos to a dedicated home computer or the cloud, erase them and start over again.

Remote control

The Apple TV is yet another Apple product aimed to make everyday life easier, and it comes with its own remote. Should the tiny remote become lost or broken, however, you can instead use an old iPhone with the Apple TV Remote App (free). If you have made other smart upgrades to your home, you can also program your iPhone to act as a remote for any systems in place, such as stereo systems, speakers, door locks and lights.

While most of us relish getting our hands on the newest Apple devices, it is clear that our older iPhones still offer great value. You just have to know what to do with them.

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