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July 31, 2015
5 Tips on Buying the Perfect Car for Your Lifestyle
by Crystal Johnston – Perkins Motors

New car buying isn’t what it used to be. In recent years, the car buying experience entailed shopping dealership to dealership, cutting out newspaper ads and asking friends for advice of where to go. Well, the times have changed and so has the new car buying experience. Perkins Motors has tips on how to make the car buying experience easier and how you can walk away with the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

  • Determine what vehicle best suits your needs
    • There are so many vehicles on the market, it is hard to determine which vehicle is truly “the one for me.” Filter down 5 items that you NEED from a vehicle and 5 things that you WANT from a vehicle. For example
High Safety Rating Bluetooth
Fit at least 5 passengers Sunroof
4x4    Blue or Black Paint
SUV, Truck or Mini Van Towing Package
Headrest Monitors Leather Seats
  • Find the right budget for you and get prequalified
    • The excitement of buying a new car can sometimes cloud judgment. Before a click of the mouse occurs on a new car, become prefinanced. Shop around for a financial institution and understand loan terms and agreements. Many times there will be special offers within the dealership when using their financial institutions of choice. Also, understand the difference between Lease Options and Full Purchase Options. Check around for the best institutions for your individual situation.
  • Research
    • The whole world of information is now available in the palm of your hand. Once you have determined your budget and know what vehicles have peaked your interest, research. It is important to understand different car buying terminology*.
APR Annual Percentage Rate
Buyout Price Price of vehicle AFTER lease term is completed
Closed-End Lease Gives lessee option of buying vehicle after lease end
Dealer Incentives Special deals given to dealerships from manufacturers
Excessive Mile Charges Penalty paid at lease end for any mileage over original agreed amount
GAP Insurance Insurance that covers difference the between current loan amount and vehicle depreciated value
MSRP Manufactures Suggested Retail Price
  • Shop with Reputation and Reviews
    • The new digital age gives you the opportunity to shop like never before. The car shopping process usually starts online and ends at the dealership. When buying a new car, understand what dealers are reputable as well and are certified to deal the specific vehicle of your choosing. If buying used, it is highly suggested that you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles can come from the manufacturer or the dealership that will guarantee vehicle specifications allowing for more peace of mind to the purchaser.
  • Understand your Warranty and Maintenance Packages
    • After you’ve picked out the perfect car, here comes the paperwork. Amongst the paperwork will be potential warranty and Maintenance Packages available through the dealership and the manufacturer. These packages are optional, but can help a new car buyer with any vehicle maintenance through the years of usage. When signing up for these packages, understand exactly what you are receiving so make sure you do not waste funds on an unnecessary warranties.

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