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July 21, 2015
5 Must-Haves for Your College Dorm
Be the cool kid on your floor with these college dorm must-haves

When you move to college, your dorm room becomes your home away from home. Because many dorm rooms aren’t exactly large or nicely decorated, it’s important to buy the right items to make your room your own. If you’re looking to be the cool kid in your dorm, here is a list of college dorm room must-haves you will want to pick up before you start your college journey.
When you’re sharing a room that is 12-by-19 feet, compact storage is important. To optimize how your limited space is utilized, consider buying stackable storage bins and tubs that fit under your bed. These flexible storage options can transform a closet into a cupboard, the space underneath your bed into a dresser, and your desk into a haven of office supplies, making your room feel significantly less cluttered.
Plenty of extension cords
In college dorm rooms, power outlets are probably the most in-demand feature — but these essential power sources are usually few and far between. If you want to get the most use out of your outlets, bring plenty of extension cords with you when you move in. This will allow you to plug in everything you need, from your phone or computer charger to your favorite lamp from home. It will also help make it easier to plug in your bedside lamp if you find that your bed is far away from your room’s only power source.
Quick-and-easy coffee maker
For many, caffeine is an essential part of college life. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter studying or staying out a bit too late the night before, keeping perky and paying attention in class is a necessity. To get your caffeine fix with ease, consider getting a single-serve coffee maker. They are more compact than the typical drip coffee machine with an added bonus: you can simply fill up your travel mug and go. Many single-serve coffee makers are also fitted to turn off automatically when they’re done brewing your coffee, making it less likely that you will come back from class to the smell of burnt coffee—and a ruined coffee machine. But make sure that your dorm allows for coffee makers before you purchase one.
A comfortable, stylish bed set
New bedding is the perfect way to bring some style to your dorm room. With many brands creating bed sets that are specifically tailored to fit dorm beds, your options are endless. Consider splurging a bit to stay comfortable throughout the year. Bright colors, funky patterns, and different colored sheets are also a great way to brighten up a dorm room’s dreary neutral color palate.
Functional bathroom caddy
Even if your dorm room has its own en-suite bathroom, a shower caddy is a quick and easy way to keep your bathroom essentials organized. If you find yourself having to use a community bathroom, then a functional shower caddy is necessary. Find one with plenty of pockets to ensure you can bring everything you need in one trip. Be sure to the caddy you choose is built to release any water that might get into the bottom.
Moving into your first college dorm can be an overwhelming experience; it can be scary. By being prepared for the move ahead of time, you’ll have one less thing to worry about once classes begin.
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