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June 25, 2015
Meet the Crew, Part One

You might think sailing would be the top skill for a crewmember aboard Maine’s windjammers… but then, you’d be missing the whole spirit of windjamming. While the sailing is spectacular and the food is delicious, it’s all about the people. Says Captain Barry of the Mary Day, “I can teach someone to sail. We’re in the people business. I need people who love people.”

Crew members see to every detail aboard the ship. From welcoming guests aboard, to making sure they’re comfortable in their cabins, to pointing out wildlife and rowing guests ashore for an afternoon exploratory hike on an uninhabited island, friendly crew members are essential to the windjamming experience. That’s why captains are look for bright and friendly people from all over the country who can put guests at ease, brighten someone’s day and make for smooth sailing.

Angelique Crew 2015
Left to right: Kaley Soud (Messcook) from Sarasota, FL; Dana Crane (Deckhand) from Brunswick, ME; Martin McHugh Mullane (Chef) from Plymouth, MA; Captain Dennis Gallant; Elizabeth Sherfey (Assistant Chef) from Rockport, ME; Juan Pedroza (Deckhand) from NYC; Thom Young (First Mate) from Milwaukie, OR; missing: Emilie Schwartz (returning Deckhand) from Willis, VA.


Heritage Crew 2015
Left to right: Sean Grimes (returning Cook) from Merrimack, NH; Margo Baker (2nd generation crew member) from Hyannis, NE; Katie Brown from Lawrence, KS; Ryan Shanley from Madison, CT; Jamie Boucher from Brooklyn, NY; Anton Shultz from Stevens Point, WI; Michael (visiting crew alumnus ’13) from New Hampshire; Ben Welzenbach (returning Mate) from Chicago, IL.


Stephen Taber Crew 2015
Front Row: Oscar Barnes (Scupper Lizard) from Rockland, ME. Back Row, left to right: Cody Smith (Deckhand) from Brunswick, ME; Emily Smith (Messmate) from Hope, ME; Mollie Whipple (Scupper Lizard Wrangler) from Homer, AK; Kenya Whitehead (Deckhand) from Belgrade, ME; Anna Miller (Chef) from Camden, ME.


Victory Chimes Crew 2015
Front Row: James Tompkins (Chef) from Brooklyn, NY; Robert Wheeler (Mate, 500 ton license) from Grayslake, IL; Daniel Ackerman from Tenants Harbor, ME; Alex Stevens from Winthrop, ME; Anthony Andujar from Staten Island, NY; Second Row: Nick Totaro (100 ton) from Port Charlotte, FL; Yoko Bowen (Mate, 100 ton); Brie Fickbohm from Nacogdoches, TX; Jocelyn Schmidt Kent from OH; Back Row: Captain Paul DeGaeta (1600 ton). That's right, 4 USCG Captain license holders!

Who’s Who in the Crew aboard Schooner Heritage:

Every crew is unique! They come from all parts of the globe, from different backgrounds and experiences, to join a sailing community like none other. As an example of what a windjammer’s crew might consist of, here’s a more in-depth look at the crew members sailing aboard Schooner Heritage this season:

Sean Grimes - Cook - Merrimack, NH
Sean grew up on a deep sea fishing charter with his grandfather in Florida. After cooking in restaurants for 15 years, working his way up through the ranks to Sous chef, he began cooking for the Heritage mid-season in 2014. He's been playing music for 20 years and loves entertaining guests after a day of sailing. Quote: “Yo galley, seals on a rock!”

Ryan Shanley - Deck/Galley Hand - Madison, CT
Ryan graduated from the University of Maine in 2012 with a degree in Forestry and has since been working various seasonal jobs. Through mutual friends in the windjammer fleet and the love of adventure, Ryan found the job with the Heritage. Quote: “I've explored Maine by land, it was time to explore it by sea.”

Margo Baker - Deck/Galley Hand - Hyannis, NE
Margo will graduate with a degree in Environmental Science and Journalism from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln in December 2015. She learned of the opportunity to sail in the fleet through her parents, who worked on the Roseway and Isaac H. Evans in the late 70s. Quote: “The ocean is the last frontier, eh?”

Katie Brown - Deck/Galley Hand - Lawrence, KS
Katie graduated for University of Kansas in May of 2015 with a degree in English and Classic Antiquities. Her love of the sea was fostered through literature as a child. She discovered the windjamming fleet after spending a summer in Bar Harbor.

Anton Shultz - Deck/Galley Hand - Stevens Point, WI
Anton graduated from Oklahoma University in 2012 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. After whale watching on a schooner in Iceland, he searched for a schooner and found an opportunity on the Heritage. Quote: “The oceans always something that has held a certain allure. Coming from a landlocked area it was something I wanted to experience and say that I'd done.”

Jamie Boucher - Deck/Galley Hand - Brooklyn, NY
The youngest member of the Heritage crew is on a gap year before beginning his freshman year at Bowdoin College in August 2015. Jamie discovered the Windjammer fleet and wanted to break out of the urban grind to gain an appreciation for another lifestyle. Quote: “The most fun you'll have at 15 degrees of heel!”

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