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June 23, 2015
Car Care: Preventative Maintenance Saves You Time and Money
Avoid the worst kinds of surprises this summer

Summer traveling should be fun and worry-free. If your vehicle has an unexpected breakdown, however, your summer adventures won’t be either. Help prevent trouble and expense on the road by spending a little time on preventative maintenance. You can take advantage of the extensive experience your dealer’s service department has to keep your vehicle in top shape.


Head off any problems before you depart for that summer road trip by taking your car to the experts. Your dealer’s service technicians know exactly what to look for and how to maintain or repair your vehicle’s systems and components. Genuine replacement parts, specialized tools, and factory training and instructions are some of the other benefits you’ll enjoy at the dealer’s service department.


Replacing worn brakes and tires, having systems and belts checked and changing fluids and filters can all head off problems. You’ll motor into fall with fewer concerns, and small issues won’t have the chance to turn into big, expensive problems. Excessive heat, sudden heavy rain and increased towing activity are some of the challenges your vehicle faces in summer. Making sure you’re equipped for the season is as important as running winter tires in the snow.


Worn tires can lose traction on rain-slicked roads. It can happen at the worst possible time, like the middle of a tight corner, when you most rely on your tires for predictable behavior. Out on the highway, old tires can hydroplane more easily, resulting in a sudden and dangerous loss of vehicle control.


The vital systems that keep your vehicle’s engine cool, the cabin at a comfortable temperature, and ensure reliable starting and confident stopping all need a pre-emptive once-over this summer. If a cooling hose bursts, you’ll be delayed until it is repaired; it could even result in engine damage. Brake fluid absorbs water out of the atmosphere as it ages, lowering its boiling point and making it less able to perform properly in the heat. That could mean a loss of braking capability − not the kind of thing to discover when coming down the side of a mountain towing a trailer


Even something as simple as an oil and filter change makes a big difference in the long-term reliability of your ride. If your car has cabin air filters, it’s a great time to swap them out for fresh ones, too.


Spend a little time on preventative maintenance now, and enjoy hassle-free adventures all summer. It’s easy when you have the right help and advice.


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