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April 28, 2015
Liberté! Fraternité! Egalité! It’s Bastille Day!

credit: J. Boulissière
The replica of Lafayette’s L’Hermione will complete her US tour with a final stop in Castine, just in time to celebrate Bastille Day.


Without help and support from the French, the fledgling American colonies likely wouldn’t have won against the mighty British Empire. It was a French aristocrat, the Marquis de Lafayette, who secured vital resources from the French by convincing the French king that the American cause was just and likely profitable for the French. At the same time, Lafayette provided tactical leadership to the young American military and, over the course of the American Revolution, wintered at Valley Forge with General Washington and went on to become commander of the Virginia Continental Forces.


credit: Fred LeBlanc
Sailing from Rockland, the American Eagle will offer a three-day Bastille Day cruise from July 12-15.


credit: John S. Gray
Passengers aboard the Isaac H. Evans will enjoy a four-day Bastille Day cruise from July 12-16.


In 1780, after one of his many trans-Atlantic crossings to confer with his French king, Lafayette returned to the US aboard Hermione, a frigate whose replica is now touring the United States. During this cruise, Maine windjammer guests will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see Hermione during her last US-based stop before heading to Canada. Isaac H. Evans and the American Eagle will join up with Hermione in Castine where guests will enjoy fireworks in Hermione’s honor. Castine is one of Maine’s many quaint villages dotting Maine’s coast that is replete with all the colonial architecture, fresh seafood and Yankee charm that New England has to offer. The tandem sail, fireworks and visit to Castine all take place on Bastille Day, the day that marked the start of the French Revolution during which, interestingly, Lafayette became a hero again!

These cruises offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy all things French, fabulous traditional sailing and delicious food aboard authentic Maine windjammers.

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