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April 28, 2015
From the Newsroom…

credit: Ben Rader, Videographer
A short video featuring the highlights of sailing aboard the American Eagle is included in Janna Graber's article that appeared in


American Eagle

From the Rockies to Penobscot Bay, Colorado freelancer Janna Graber discovers the joy of sailing aboard the American Eagle.


credit: Stillman Rogers
Barbara Rogers shares a grandmother’s perspective of what it’s like to cruise aboard Windjammer Angelique.



On assignment for BucketTripper, freelance writer Barbara Radcliffe Rogers shares her multi-generational story about sailing with her husband and 12-year-old granddaughter.


credit: Fred LeBlanc
Captain Doug Lee’s photo was the centerfold in AAA Home & Away’s March/April edition featuring the Schooner Heritage.



Written by Sean Conneely, a windjammer journey in Downeast Maine yields rugged adventure, relaxation and new friendships. AAA Home & Away


credit: Jim Salge
The Isaac H. Evans is an 1800’s Era Schooner in the Maine Windjammer Fleet.


Isaac H. Evans

Yankee Magazine Nature Photographer Jim Salge shares his experience aboard the Maine Schooner Isaac H. Evans.


credit: Becky Krystal
Among the stops is the picturesque Isle au Haut, Maine, an island with scenic hiking trails - and artisanal chocolates.


Lewis R. French

Freelance writer Becky Krystal shared her three-day adventures aboard the French with the Philadelphia Inquirer in March.


credit: AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty
Passengers on the Mary Day gather as they pass a rocky ledge occupied by seals in Penobscot Bay off Camden, Maine.


Mary Day

The Associated Press’s story by Robert Bukaty went viral—and no wonder! This well-written, gorgeously photographed story does a superb job of describing a windjammer cruise aboard the Mary Day.


credit: Hilary Nangle
Captain Noah Barnes enjoys a victory meal aboard the Stephen Taber following his win at the Great Schooner Race.


Stephen Taber

Hilary Nangle, the Maine Travel Maven, shares a behind-the-scenes look at what was going on during last year’s Great Schooner Race. Not only did they race well, they ate well, too!


credit: Tim Sullivan
Ann Augunas writes about the “simple pleasures of the open sea, sunrises, sunsets, wind and fresh air” aboard the Schooner Victory Chimes.


Victory Chimes

Travel journalist Ann Augunas writes about “the simple pleasures of the open sea, sunrises, sunsets, wind and fresh air” aboard the three-masted schooner. Delco News Network

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