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February 26, 2015
Pet Solutions: Boarding Options that Give You Peace of Mind

Sadie the salty sea dog. While she’s never gone windjamming aboard Angelique, she does love to go sailing on smaller boats.

When your pup is a real member of the family, it can be nerve-wracking to entrust his care to strangers. Luckily, for windjammer guests who are traveling with their furry friends, Angelique co-owner Candace Kuchinski has compiled a list of the best places to board dogs in the mid-coast area. As a former professional dog walker, she knows that pet owners want the best for their beloved friends and so she’s done some sleuthing to find the places where canines will be most comfortable.

And she should know… she and her husband, Captain Dennis, count Sadie – a lab mix that they rescued when she was a 5-month-old pup – among their family members. “We think she’s a hound, we’re not really sure. Though she sails with us recreationally, we haven’t brought her on the Angelique because not everyone is a dog person. Also, some of the islands we visit during cruises don’t allow dogs.” As a result, Candace and Dennis often make use of these kennels – both traditional and non-traditional.

At Harbor Hounds, a nontraditional kennel in Rockland, dogs enjoy access to outside play yards as well as a daycare play room and swimming pool.

“Traditional kennels are where the dogs stay in their cages or maybe have their own little outdoor area. Some traditional kennels include nature walks. Non-traditional kennels are more of a doggie daycare where, though they are in their own kennels at night, daytime is very social with couches to lie on and group play.”

Traditional Kennels  

Paw Print Pet Lodge -

Hope, ME - About 15 minutes from Camden, 25 minutes from Rockland


Appleton Ridge Pet Care Center -

Union, ME - 15 minutes from Rockland and Camden

Nontraditional Kennels  

Hope Unleashed -

Hope, ME - About 15 minutes from Camden, 25 minutes from Rockland


Harbor Hounds -

Rockland, ME - Located in Rockland, about 15 minutes from Camden

Whether a dog is super social or more of a people person, there’s plenty of great places for them to stay on mid-coast Maine.

Now that Fido is assured a safe, fun vacation in Midcoast Maine, isn’t it time to plan your windjammer cruise? Check out our sailing schedules today!

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