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December 15, 2014
Take an Educational Vacation in Colorado
Get enlightened while getting away

A vacation, by definition, includes a break from normal activities like work or school. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t learn and get value from where you are visiting while taking time off. Here are just five of the many great educational vacations you can take in Colorado.
Rocky Mountain National Park
One can’t be in Colorado without taking in the awe-inspiring Rockies. In fact, the mountain range has been a destination before the United States was even born, as archeological evidence suggests humans roamed the area for at least ten thousand years. The on-site museum, Holzwarth Historic Site and archival collections consist of both prehistoric and historic cultural artifacts, Artist-in-Residence materials, biological and geological specimens and documentary artifacts that document the land and everything four which it has been used over the years. For more information, visit
Black Canyon
See even more natural beauty in Colorado here, as well as some of the steepest cliffs, oldest rock and most rugged terrain in North America. Over two million years of sculpting from the Gunnison River and nature’s forces has created this stunning place of endless education. Learn about the people who have resided nearby throughout history, hear stories of the area culture, view historical collections from the past and present, and discover the science of the surroundings. For more information, visit
Great Sand Dunes
From mountain peaks to valley gorges, and now a field of sand — Colorado boasts yet another glorious work of nature, this time consisting of the tallest dunes on the continent. Playing a role in nearly every important phase through which our great nation has gone, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve is a teller of history and science. The phenomenon of how it came to exist is but one remarkable tale to learn at your visit here. For more information, visit
Lost Valley Ranch
Moving on to the grasslands region, take yourself back in time to experience Colorado living the way it was in the days of the Old West. The dude ranch in Sedalia features genuine cowboys, genuine hospitality and genuine spirit. Experience authentic Western adventures such as horseback riding, rodeos, trapshooting and much more, while still residing in the comfort of a AAA Four Diamond-award winning resort. For more information, visit
Colorado Scenic Rails
So you’ve seen the mountains, the valleys, the dunes and the plains, now see them all in one trip. Colorado is home to the finest scenic railroads in the country. From classic 1950s-era streamliners of the Royal Gorge Route to steam trains that navigate the rugged Rockies, these train routes provide a way to relax and enjoy civilized travel and a taste of Colorado history and heritage all at once. With more than nine trip options, including a museum in Golden, there are enough choices to appeal to everyone’s tastes. For more information, visit
Experience the diversity of Colorado and its flora and fauna with one of the many educational vacations the state offers. Whether you decide to go hiking, sand sledding, wildlife watching or anything else, you will be learning with the guise of having immense fun.
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