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June 30, 2014
FRESH FROM THE GALLEY: Shellfish from Maine!

When in Maine, shellfish is a must – from bright red lobsters to steamers to sautéed scallops, Maine’s seafood selections are truly delectable. That’s why windjammer passengers enjoy a lobster bake on every cruise, and will often extend their Maine visit to include tours of oyster farms and enjoy lobster rolls from tucked away shacks along the beach.

This month, we’ll show you how to properly enjoy a raw oyster, create a delicious scallop casserole and serve up a lobster quiche.

Oysters on the Half Shell
A fresh oyster should have a good amount of seawater in the shell, should seem full in the shell and the oyster itself will be opaque. Normally, oysters are served with lemon and various other accoutrements but it’s up to you whether or not to garnish. You’ll be given a tiny fork to use to ensure that the oyster is detached from the shell. Then, pick up the shell and, putting your mouth on the wide end of the shell, slurp it down. You’ll want to chew a couple times to taste the full flavor. Here’s a list of descriptive taste words you can bandy about if anyone asks: salty, sweet, coppery, metallic, briny and buttery. For more information about enjoying Maine’s oysters, visit the oysterguide.

Scallop Casserole – from the Angelique
Scallops (parboiled) 2 pounds
Water 1 cup
Cream of mushroom soup, undiluted 1½ cans
Saltine crackers, crushed 8
American cheese, white ½ pound
Baking soda 2 pinches
Worcestershire sauce 1 teaspoon

Mix all ingredients together and place in greased baking pan. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and bake in medium (350 degrees) oven. After 10 minutes or so, when bread crumbs start to brown, take a scallop out to test for doneness. Cook just until scallops turn opaque. Serves 8.

Lobster Quiche – from the Mary Day
One unbaked pie crust
eggs 3
flour 2T
milk 1 cup
cream or half and half ½ cup
lobster meat, chopped 1 – 1½ cups
grated cheese, cheddar or Swiss 1 cup
sliced scallions – optional
crumbled bacon – optional

Beat together the eggs, flour milk and cream. Pour a bit into the crust, enough to coat. Put in the lobster meat, sprinkle the scallions and/over bacon on top, then the cheese. Pour the rest of the egg mixture over all. Bake at 425 degrees until the edges of the crust just begin to brown. Reduce the temperature to 375 degrees and bake about 30 minutes more until filling puffs up and is set. Cool a few minutes before cutting.

For more recipes from the fleet, please visit our Galley webpage.

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