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May 31, 2014
Father's Day Cruises

Credit: Courtesy Stephen Taber
What better way to celebrate those special family bonds than to take a windjammer cruise along the Maine coast.

Celebrate Father’s Day with a cruise along the coast of Maine that could even include the full moon or the summer solstice! Cruises offered by the Maine Windjammer Association during the third week of June also feature lobster and lupines, quiet harbors and spectacular sailing, along with close-up views of seal pups and porpoises.

Here’s a listing of Father’s Day Cruises that Dad is sure to love:

American Eagle June 13-21 8 days $1,395 Down East Beyond Mount Desert
Angelique June 15-21 6 days $925 Photography Cruise
Isaac H. Evans June 17-21 4 days $760 Lighthouse Cruise
Heritage June 15-21 6 days $800 Maritime History Cruise
Lewis R. French June 13-16 3 days $585 Getaway Cruise
Mary Day June 15-21 6 days $975 Beers of the Maine Coast
Stephen Taber June 12-15 3 days $618 Gourmet Cruise
Victory Chimes June 11-15 4 days $700 Father's Day Special ($350 for Dad)
Gift certificates are available and can be used on any of the windjammers in the MWA fleet.

Gift Certificates

If you would prefer to let Dad schedule his own cruise, consider purchasing a gift certificate! We offer gift certificates in all denominations. Contact us today and we’ll send a complete package, along with an easily redeemable certificate for a windjammer cruise aboard any one of the 8 ships in our Fleet. We can even wrap the certificate in a corked bottle if you like!

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