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April 30, 2014
Upcoming Events

credit: Ben Magro
The Schooner Gam is a great way to see all of the windjammers in one location. Once the vessels are rafted together, guests can take a walking tour of the entire fleet.
Schooner Gam––June 9

“Gams,” otherwise known as social gatherings at sea, have been a long-standing tradition for mariners—the windjammer crews are no exception. This early-season Gam includes a harborside “raft-up” with the windjammers tied side by side so guests can take a walking tour of the entire fleet. Location is determined by the weather of the day! Shipboard music and festivities included. Four-, five- and six-day options available starting at $795 per person, all meals and accommodations included. Schedules are available on our website

credit: Kip Files
In addition to music and other festivites, guests are invited to share a rum toast at the Schooner Gam to celebrate the beginning of a new sailing season.
credit: Bob Atkinson
From left to right, Schooners American Eagle, Heritage and Lewis R. French lower their sails after the Parade of Sail into Boothbay Harbor.
Windjammer Days––Week of June 23
Every June, some of the windjammers offer a six-day cruise that includes a grand sail parade through picturesque Boothbay Harbor during the Windjammer Days Festival. Majestic windjammers come from up and down the coast to participate in this exciting event. For windjammer guests, the event kicks off with an onshore lobster bake on Tuesday night on Cabbage Island. Wednesday’s activities include the Parade of Sail, music and demonstrations, plus a fireworks display to cap the festive atmosphere. The rest of the six-day cruise includes great sailing, delicious meals and new anchorages every evening. Participating schooners include the American Eagle, Heritage and Lewis R. French. For more information about the entire fleet, visit our website.

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