Article from TOEFL News, Issue #4 ()
August 5, 2004
 ETS English-Language Tests Mapped to Common European Framework

Given the expanding use of its English-language learning tests in Europe, ETS has aligned the TOEFL, TSE, TWE, and TOEIC tests to the Common European Framework (CEF). Doing so will provide an additional measure of convenience for European institutions of higher education, English-language teachers, and students who use the tests.

The Framework describes language proficiency in reading,
writing, speaking and listening on the following six-level scale:

  • A1 A2 (Basic User)
  • B1 B2 (Independent User)
  • C1 C2 (Proficient User)

In aligning the tests to the Framework, two panels of European English-language experts recommended minimum scores needed on each of the tests in order to reach the B1 and C1 proficiency levels on the CEF. ETS chose to map the tests on the B1 and C1 levels because they are the entry points for the B and C proficiency bands.

The minimum scores recommended by the panel for the B1 and C1 levels were 457 (137 for the computer-based test) and 560 (220 for the CBT) for TOEFL, 45 and 55 for TSE, 4.5 and 5.5 for TWE, and 550 and 880 for TOEIC.

For more information on this standard-setting study, see a summary of the study or download the full research report.

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