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August 24, 2013
Favorite Anchorage: Schooner Lewis R. French

credit: Captain Barry King
Built in 1871, the Lewis R. French carries only 21 passengers.

Like many schooner captains, the Lewis R. French’s Captain Garth loves showing people the coast of Maine – its many inlets, harbors, uninhabited islands and quaint villages. Longtime sailors and complete novices alike are always impressed. “You get people who have sailed across the ocean and people who’ve never seen the ocean before. What we show them during the cruise is just not something you can see from your car. I love watching people get immersed in the experience to the point where when they leave they say, I had no idea!”

credit: Gary C. Goodman
Lobstering accounts for the better part of Swan's Island economy — as can be seen on this dock on a foggy morning.

When we asked him to choose a favorite anchorage, he said, “I look forward to going to Burnt Coat Harbor on Swan’s Island, talking a walk out to the lighthouse. It’s cozy, protected and I love showing people an island – where the year-round people live. On Swan’s, they all lobster, and it’s not easy to get to, unless you know your way around.”

credit: Captain Barry King
Visiting the Burnt Coat Harbor Light Station, also called Hockamock Head Lighthouse, is one reason why Swan's Island is a favorite port-of-call for Captain Garth.

Captain Garth says, “It’s interesting for people to see this entire other world. There’s no tourism, just the year-round community of 200-300 people who exist out there. Our passengers see a whole different lifestyle. It’s all very real.”

Swan’s Island near Mount Desert Island is named after James Swan, a Scotsman who bought and colonized the island. He was a Son of Liberty who participated in the Boston Tea Party, a soldier, politician, merchant and author who, at 18 wrote a book about the African slave trade. 

For more information about Captain Garth and the Lewis R. French, visit our website.

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