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May 21, 2013
Schooner GAM means summer is here!

   photo: Annie Higbee
   A raft-up is a bit like a tailgate party at sea.
During the week of June 10, lucky guests will experience the Schooner Gam – the first event of the Maine windjammer season – where the majestic ships of the Maine Windjammer Association will tie up side by side to create a living maritime museum. This is an incredible opportunity for passengers to learn about all the vessels – many of which are National Historic Landmarks – and to make friends with people hailing from every corner of the country.

Once the vessels have rafted up, guests have a chance to take a walking tour of the whole fleet. At sunset, many guests like to row around the tremendous collection of vessels and capture the real scale of the spectacle. With this many National Historic Landmarks present, it’s easy to forget that it’s the 21st century. Says one guest, “It is a spectacular sight – you sense what treasures these ships are, and are so grateful for the captains and crew who give these ships – which in a former life hauled timber, granite, fish – a new working life and a viable economic basis.”

In the evening, there are festivities and live music – here’s a clip of one lively group performing aboard the Stephen Taber.

photo: Linda Wood
During the Schooner Gam, the vessels “raft up” creating a forest of masts.

Each of the vessels has its own story and personality and every cruise is uniquely formed by the weather and wind and that particular combination of passengers. One guest remarked, “A windjammer cruise is the essence of serendipity.” The sailing is always great and a gathering makes the experience that much richer.

Joining in the musical festivities during the Gam, musical guest Shanna Underwood will be sailing aboard the Lewis R. French during their Schooner Gam Cruise. Shanna has been performing all throughout Maine, mesmerizing audiences with her bluesy voice and alt-country music.
All ten windjammers are offering Gam cruises ranging from 4-6 days in length. Click
here to learn more about fleet gatherings with the Maine Windjammer Association.

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