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May 1, 2013
Favorite Anchorage: Schooner American Eagle

photo: Fred LeBlanc
American Eagle heads Down East to see the Canadian border and abundant wildlife.

photo: Captain Bob Tassi  
Captain John Foss of the Schooner American Eagle.  

Every captain has a favorite anchorage and hands-down, for Captain John Foss of the American Eagle, it’s Cutler. Located less than 25 miles from Canadian waters, this beautiful little harbor provides a protected anchorage along a stretch of Maine’s most remote coastline. It’s also the gateway to Machias Seal Island where puffins nest and seals flourish. To get to Cutler, you’ll see some of the most spectacular scenery the East Coast has to offer. 

Because it’s so remote, Cutler has held on to its humble origins. “At Cutler, you’ll see 50 lobster boats and not a single yacht,” says Captain John.


What Captain John loves most about Cutler is the lighthouse. “We’ve come in there at times in the fog or bad weather and it’s one of those places where you’re really glad to see the lighthouse because you know there’s a great anchorage right behind it.”

  photo: Patrick Burns
  Puffins are some of the amazing and abundant wildlife that can be seen further Down East.

The American Eagle is the only windjammer in the fleet likely to make a visit to Cutler. Captain John offers an annual cruise to either Canada or the Down East region of Maine. This year’s June 14 trip is an 8-day cruise Down East beyond Mount Desert Island. Weather permitting, you can guess they’ll be spending at least one night in Captain John’s favorite anchorage…Cutler! For more information about the Maine Windjammer Association, please visit our website.

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