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April 12, 2013
Spring Decorating: Window Boxes
Dress up your home with a miniature garden

You don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb to plant and maintain window boxes. Not only are they a good way to learn how to garden, but you can dress up your home or apartment’s window areas as well.
Like most everything else in the United States, window boxes came here with the nation’s early settlers. The boxes themselves originated in ancient Rome, with the Romans using them to raise vegetables for food and other greens for herbal remedies. Window boxes were also historically used in England, Italy, Germany and other European nations.
Think of a window box as a miniature garden. Just about any kind of plant can thrive in a window box-what you decide to plant in it depends on what you want out of it.
What kind?
Okay, what kind of window box should you get for your home or apartment? The window box should be equivalent to the length and depth of the window. The box should be able to handle a minimum soil depth of six inches-if the box is not deep enough the plants will not thrive as they won’t have enough soil.
What are they made of?
Like the variety of windows available, there are a variety of different kinds of window boxes. The most common type is made of wood. Those handy with a hammer and nails can build one. Hardwood is the best bet, as softwood can rot because of the watering needed for the window box plants to thrive. If you don’t want to build your own, wood boxes are sold nearly everywhere.
There are also other types of window boxes made out of plastic, terra cotta, reconstituted stone and other substances. Take a good look around at your local garden store, big box hardware store or possibly a nursery in your area to see what different kinds of window boxes they carry.
What to plant?
Take the exterior of your dwelling into consideration when you plant your window box. If you are going for a floral look, plants and flowers that accent the color of your home are a good idea. When choosing plants, take into consideration how much sun the window area receives.
Like a flower garden, you can plant your window box with seeds as opposed to plants. And should you not want to raise flowers, you could raise herbs or vegetables. The benefits of herbs or vegetables are you have the greenery adorning your window box as well as being able to eat the end products.
Carefully watch your plants as potting soil can’t hold moisture and nutrients as well as a ground garden. Your plants may need a dose of plant food.
Whether it’s flowers, herbs, vegetables or any other kind of plant, window boxes are a convenient way to garden on a small scale.
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