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March 27, 2013
Favorite Anchorage: Schooner Timberwind

courtesy of Bob Tassi  
Captain Bob Tassi loves introducing his guests to the gorgeous coast of Maine.  
Every day on a windjammer cruise ends by anchoring in a protected harbor, either just off an uninhabited island or near a small coastal town. There, passengers can explore, comb beaches, or poke through the local shops. When asked to choose a favorite anchorage, Captains often hesitate, but Captain Bob of the Schooner Timberwind, was able to narrow it down to two: Pretty Marsh and Two Dory.

Captain Bob says, “Pretty Marsh in Blue Hill Bay is just spectacular. It’s private, it’s quiet, and it takes a long day of sailing to get to. Maybe it sounds kind of weird, but in Blue Hill Bay, the light is different. The topography is different and so the light hits it differently and it makes the islands look different.” Because Blue Hill Bay is at a distance from the home ports of Camden, Rockport and Rockland, visits to Blue Hill Bay are normally reserved for longer cruises (5-6 days).

photo: Cindy Decker
Maine’s unique landscapes entice guests to return year after year.

photo: David Evans
Guests can expect to see uninhabited islands and untouched landscapes on every windjammer cruise.

Second on Captain Bob’s list is Two Dory near Stonington. He says, “It’s not on the charts. It’s a small little nubbin off of Green Island, right off the thoroughfare in Stonington Harbor. You feel like you’re away from the town but you have access to Stonington in case people want to do shore trips. Maybe these two are not as exotic as some of the other ones, but they are spectacular in my mind. I just love them.”

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