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March 27, 2013
Specialty Cruises History, Photography and More!

photo: Robert Angell
Experts on the topics of schooners, sailing and local history, Captains Doug and Linda Lee regale their Maritime History Cruise guests with stories of the islands, lighthouses and harbors, including tales of shipwrecks and colorful seafaring personalities.

Love sailing and want to see more of Maine’s coast? Then joining the Heritage for their June 4-8 Long June Days cruise is a must. The long days allow for extra sailing time, so guests can see more of Maine’s coast at a time when trees are leafing out, lilacs are blooming and fields of lupine come into color. This is also the Heritage’s first trip of the season, which means Captains Doug and Linda and crew will be extra excited to show off their lovely schooner, all freshly painted, varnished and ready to go! Lucky guests on this trip will also be the first to hear the entertaining tales about what the Lees have been up to all winter!

If maritime history is your passion, then check out the Heritage’s trips in early June. On June 9, Captains Doug and Linda are offering a six-day “Schooner Gam and Maritime History” cruise. Not only will you get to raft-up with the entire fleet, you’ll learn all about the people, islands, harbors and vessels that contributed to Maine's maritime history.

On June 16, the Lees are offering a “Summer Solstice and History” cruise. Having extensively researched Maine’s maritime history and being affiliated with both the Maine Maritime Museum and Mystic Seaport, Captains Linda and Doug are the perfect tour guides for Maine’s coast, sharing entertaining stories about her towns and harbors and ships. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about the history of New England and the United States and how that history has been influenced by the sea, coastal geography and the people who live here.
  photo: Jon Strout
  Neal Parent’s primary subject has been the coast of Maine—its waters, landscapes, boats and people.

This June 16-22, Angelique is offering a photography and wildlife cruise with acclaimed photographer Neal Parent, who has over 35 years’ experience photographing Maine’s coast and wildlife. Known for his unique teaching style, Parent has held workshops all over the world including Paris, China and the Caribbean. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience hands-on learning at close range with such a talented and seasoned professional.
On July 21-27, the Angelique is also offering a unique opportunity to see whales by heading offshore to Mount Desert Rock or Inner Schoodic Ridge in search of the giant mammals and feathered friends. In past years, passengers on this cruise have seen humpbacks, finbacks, minkies, mola-molas, grey seals, gannets, shearwaters, puffins, white-sided dolphins, harbor porpoises and blue sharks.
Whales are frequently sighted on Angelique’s annual whale-watching cruise, this year scheduled for July 21-27.

photo: Eileen Yanchewski
During a photography cruise, passengers have all kinds of opportunities to photograph each other, wildlife, the windjammers and Maine’s spectacular coast.

On August 18 – 22, Captain Mike will bring Angelique guests to Acadia National Park where they'll have the opportunity to go ashore and spend a day exploring the Park. Guests can take advantage of the Island Explorer bus to see many of the Park’s attractions including Thunder Hole, Cadillac Mountain and the Wild Gardens of Acadia. This is a great chance to see the Park from both the water and ashore! To top it off, this cruise coincides with a full moon!
photo: Greg Hartford,
During their August 18-22 cruise, guests aboard Angelique will have a day to explore some of Acadia National Park’s popular attractions, such as Cadillac Mountain with its panoramic views of Frenchman’s Bay and beyond.

For more information about specialty cruises aboard the ten vessels belonging to the Maine Windjammer Association, visit our fleet page.

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