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March 27, 2013
Jumpstart Your Cruise with Air & Sea Packages

photo: LoneStarTraveler
Camden Windjammer Angelique sails near one of Maine’s many lighthouses.

Passengers hoping to get a jump on their windjammer vacation will be pleased to know that the Maine Windjammer Association has partnered with Cape Air to offer non-stop, round trip flights from Boston’s Logan Airport to Rockland, Maine for a $150 upgrade above the cost of any windjammer cruise.

 photo: Jackie Normile
Passengers flying into Rockland might catch a glimpse of the famous mile-long breakwater.

In addition to saving time, these flights enable passengers to get a bird’s eye view of the Maine coast. The view might include the Owl’s Head Lighthouse near Rockland that sits atop craggy rocks jutting out in the sea, the Portland Harbor or even a sneak peek at the Maine Windjammer Association fleet under full sail in the Bay.

 photo: Pamela Miller
Angelique’s rowboat is anchored off an uninhabited island where guests are enjoying a beachside lobsterbake. 

Upon arrival at the Knox County Regional Airport, guests are whisked from the airport right to the gangway where their sailing adventure begins. For more information about our special packages, please visit our website.

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