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February 1, 2012
Play It Forward and Help Your Community!
by SimplyFun President and CEO, Patty Pearcy

Each month I have the pleasure of talking to our new Playologists and while they all come from different backgrounds and walks of life one thing about them is consistent! It is their interest in making a difference in the lives of others.

That is why once each year we offer a wonderful hostess program called Play It Forward which allows our Playologists and their hosts to work together for the benefit of an organization in need. The program is very simple; just host a SimplyFun party with your friends and in addition to your normal host award you will also be able to select one or more product packs to be sent to the charitable organization of your choice. Each pack is valued at over $100 retail and we take care of the delivery! It couldnít be any easier to help a group in your local community.

Since we began the program several years ago we have shipped SimplyFun Play It Forward packs to classrooms, daycares, womenís shelters, church schools, preschools, foster programs and many other local groups who are also making a difference in the lives of families and children. It is so exciting to see our mission of building smarter kids and stronger families spill over into other groups in family support roles as we share the gift of learning and connecting through play through the Play It Forward program.

We know that not everyone has the financial means to make a contribution to the organizations that they care about, but at SimplyFun we can give them the opportunity to make that gift using Play it Forward! Itís something we feel good about, something you can feel good about and most importantly something your hostess and her guests will love.

So letís get busy and PLAY IT FORWARD the SimplyFun way!

Patty Pearcy, SimplyFun President and CEO, and our floppy-eared mascot, Tibbar

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