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January 17, 2012
Car Care: The BMW Maintenance Program
All smiles under the Roundel.

Photo: BMW Maintenance Program
Automotive service routines used to require checking and adjusting many items that have since become low- to no-maintenance affairs. Despite the march of technology, cars still require routine attention. BMW Ultimate Service®, which includes factory maintenance for up to four years or 50,000 miles, removes worry from the ownership experience and avoids surprise charges tied to upkeep.
Part of BMW Ultimate Service® is the BMW Maintenance Program, which includes standard maintenance on new BMW vehicles for four years or 50,000 miles from your initial in-service date. Also available is the Upgraded Maintenance Program, which adds two more years/50,000 more miles to the standard coverage.
You might ask, in these days of sealed assemblies, exceptional reliability and high durability, what is there to service? The BMW Maintenance Program looks after factory-recommended items, like engine oil and filter changes, air filter replacement, brake fluid replacement, spark plugs and engine drive belts.
BMW ensures that things are on the up-and-up with your car by making vehicle inspections integral to service visits. Technicians will verify Check Control messages (indications of failed bulbs), check indicator and warning lights, inspect and adjust tire pressures, and reset any Tire Pressure Monitor warning systems. BMW inspections run deeper than that, though. Coolant level and concentration is checked, the brake system is checked for leaks and physical damage to hydraulic lines, and the steering system gets the same treatment with inspection for clearance, leaks, wear and damage. When all other service work is finished, your car is given a final inspection and on-road test to assess the status of the brakes, steering, transmission, and shock absorber systems.
Items that may be extra-cost repairs for other brands are also covered under the BMW Maintenance Program. Cabin microfilters, windshield wiper inserts, oxygen sensors, even the clutch disc for manual transmission cars, are all included under the program's terms. Diesel models get their fuel filters and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) replaced and refilled, respectively. Even brake discs and brake pads are covered—and as anyone who has ever owned a car knows, brakes can be an area of big out-of-pocket expense.
BMW ownership has always been punctuated by enjoyment behind the wheel. And with the BMW Maintenance Program, that feeling can be experienced, even at a standstill. Under the Roundel, it's all smiles.

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