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February 23, 2004
ANDEROL Receives Compressor Lubricant Testimonial
ANDEROL FGC 20 Performs Admirably in Atlas Copco GA Compressors
by Darren J. Lesinski, Technical Service Manager

ANDEROL Inc. receives a key testimonial for the ANDEROL FGC 20, a food grade compressor lubricant, for use in Atlas Copco "GA" machines. "In particular, ANDEROL FGC 20 has performed admirably in Atlas Copco GA machines with no concerns or deleterious effects toward the mechanical components," states Joseph D'Ambrosio, President of Air Power of New England. "Further, ANDEROL FGC 20 has met its 'advertised' lubricant life, ranging from 2,000 to 4,000 hours, dependant on discharge temperature and duty cycle."

ANDEROL FGC 20 is part of a full line of synthetic lubricants for use in the Food & Beverage industry.  This testimonial shows the commitment ANDEROL Inc. places on performance in plant critical applications.

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