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August 30, 2011
What’s So Great About High School Field School?
Students Respond Enthusiastically!

High Schools students make new discoveries at Crow Canyon's current excavation site, the Dillard site.

After three weeks learning about archaeology, excavating, analyzing artifacts, visiting archaeological sites, engaging in ancestral Pueblo lifestyle activities, hiking, rafting, and camping—students responded enthusiastically to the question, what’s the best thing about High School Field School?

Following are a few samples:

Allison: “The friends, the experience, the uniqueness of the programs—there’s nothing else out there like this. The active stuff, the digging in the field. Shanna and Steve encouraged us to show everyone what we found; it felt like we were all working together.”

Elena: “It was so nice to be with people who share your common interests.”

Michael: “The fact that it was really well balanced with enjoyable activities and time with friends.”

Alex: “The staff. They really make it fun. And you learn a lot with the material.”

Kaitlyn: “Not only the learning aspect, but the people—the educators and the counselors.”

Emily: “The trips, too. They’re educational and they’re fun.”

Chris: “Everyone here respects each other. You meet people from all over the country.”

Angelina: “Hiking, going to Mesa Verde, meeting new people.”

Jessica: “The digging!”

Carly: “The actual fieldwork.”

Will: “Getting a chance to find out what archaeology is really like.”

Jade: “So many new experiences!”—see article on Jade, this issue.

Nora: “It’s a great balance in learning indoors and in the field. And making friends—even if we are all different, we have a common interest. It binds us together. Sometimes we say the nerdiest things! It’s a warm, loving community here.” Nora attended High School Archaeology Camp last year—see article in the January eNews on her archaeology lesson plans.

Next year’s High School Field School promises to be another life-changing experience for teens interested in the science of the human past. If you, or someone you know, would like to join Crow Canyon educators and archaeologists for High School Field School, e-mail us, call 800.422.8975, ext. 146, or reserve your spot online.

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