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August 3, 2011
Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land August Service Specials

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Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your passengers will ride comfortably.

Our A/C service includes:

  • Performance check A/C system
  • Evacuate and recharge Freon
  • Inspect A/C components and check for leaks

Special $159.95

Expires 8/31/2011

MB vehicles only




“Keep Your Cool”

Regular maintenance of your vehicle’s cooling system prevents overheating problems.

Our A/C service includes:

  • Drain and refill cooling system
  • Pressure test
  • Inspection of hoses, caps and connections

Special $129.95

Expires 8/31/2011

MB vehicles only




Rear-Seat Entertainment System

$2,799.00 Installed


Your passengers will be entertained because DVD audio plays over wireless headsets (2 included in the RSES Kit), the driver can concentrate on driving with fewer distractions. Sound can also be played through the on-board audio system or via corded headphones which are directly plugged into the monitor.

Comes with a remote control to ease the use of your Rear-Seat Entertainment System. Two standard 8" monitors are installed behind the front head rests. Separate video sources can be played on the left and right-hand monitor. Features an external AUX input for external video sources such as an iPod Video.



K40 Radar System

You want the best. You want protection from speeding tickets. You want a radar and laser solution that is as elegant as your automobile. Then you want the K40 RL Series.

Special $2,695 Installed

Expires 8/31/2011

MB vehicles only


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