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July 25, 2011
Join The US Concealed Carry Association!
Why? Educational Opportunities
by Rob Pincus


Last year, I was asked to become a Member of the Board of Advisors to the United States Concealed Carry Association. I very proudly accepted the invitation and have spent the last year  really getting to know the membership and staff of the USCCA. I have been active at the membership forum and even begun writing a monthly series of articles about training concepts in the association’s member publication: Concealed Carry Magazine.

You can check an example of the kind of thing I’ve been writing about here: Can you Buy Your Way to Safety ?





The one thing that really stands our to me about the USCCA is our dedication to education. Through the Concealed Carry Report, Concealed Carry Magazine, support of Armed American Radio, videos and articles sent out to all members or made available at the website and even the discussion forum, the opportunities to understand concealed carry related information abound. We’ve even got a partnership between USCCA and Personal Defense Network now, with some of the latter’s videos being shared through the association. Based on the educational information alone, I think anyone who carries a firearm should consider joining the USCCA TODAY.


The latest example of educational support from USCCA is the Simple Steps Project, which can help you evaluate the steps you have taken (or NEED to Take!) to make your home and family safer. Follow that link to access the Home Security Checklist.


I intend to continue my association with the US Concealed Carry Association for a long time and I believe strongly in the cause of supporting not only our Right to carry a concealed firearm for personal defense, but also our need to be as educated and prepared as is practically possible for the moment that we may need to use that firearm to defend ourselves or our families.  Join Me!


-Rob Pincus







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