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July 1, 2010
What did you do?

Last quarter's survey on social media habits revealed that:

  • Facebook was respondents' most popular platform
    • 16.2 percent of respondents visit several times a day
    • 23.9 percent visit once a day
    • 17 percent have visited only once
    • 43.7 percent of respondents have never visited Facebook
  • Twitter came in a distant second in terms of popularity with survey respondents
    • Only 5.2 percent of respondents visit Twitter several times a day
    • 5.2 percent of respondents visited Twitter once a day
    • 6.5 percent had visited only once
    • More than 83 percent of respondents had never visited Twitter.
  • LinkedIn fewer regular users than Twitter, but a much higher percentage of repondents reported visiting it at least once
    • 2.5 percent of respondents visit more than once a day
    • 10.7 percent check in once a day
    • 41.3 percent had visited only once
    • 45.5 percent of respondents had never accessed LinkedIn
  • My Space was by far the least-used social media platform by survey respondents
    • No respondents reported visiting multiple times in a single day
    • 1.3 percent of respondents indicated they visited once per day
    • 2.7 percent reported they had accessed the site only once
    • A full 96 percent of respondents had never visited My Space

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