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January 27, 2010
Readers Respond to 1960s, Jobs

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Feeding Fermented Formula
I really enjoyed reading the AlumnInsider article about student jobs at Penn State. I was one of those “lucky” ones who got to work at the dairy barns. My main work assignment was “Farm 10,” which housed all the young stock from the main dairy barns. I had to drive an old Dodge truck with a standard transmission (“three on the tree”) on the weekends to reach the barn. One of my duties was feeding the calves a fermented milk formula that was part of an ongoing research project. The mixture was in large garbage cans and developed a scum of mold and other growth that needed to be blended before feeding. Needless to say, the aroma was somewhat less than desirable! I was somewhat of an anomaly, due to the fact that I was a girl from the Pittsburgh suburbs and had never lived or worked on a farm before. As a female student in a non-traditional major, animal production, I was interviewed for The Collegian and got my picture in the paper. I still have a copy of that picture, and I treasure my memories of the time I spent at Penn State working and living with animals!

MaryAnn (Bierly) Cain ’83
Lebanon, Pa.

 Beyond Western Union
During one semester, I replied to an ad for performing singing telegrams to the tune of “There’s No Business Like Show Business.” Of course, it required a bit of confidence to intrude in the middle of a class, restaurant or someone’s apartment, interrupt loudly, and then burst out in song in front of a bunch of strangers. It wasn’t a bad deal. I enjoyed performing but when the business expanded into “Burlesque-a-grams” (we did remove clothing but we were wearing a little costume underneath so it’s not like we were naked or anything…) modesty got the best of me. I decided I should quit before the possibility of showing up somewhere and discovering the recipient may be someone I knew.

Beverly Sobel-Redler ’85
Fairfax, Va.

More on that 1964 Victory Celebration…
The VW went further than the President’s House lawn. It actually went INTO the pond. I know. I was there. I never touched that VW—I swear! I was just an observer. That same day, a Penn State student drove his Jaguar XKE on campus, right up the mall! College Avenue was impassible by any vehicle. The avenue was shoulder-to-shoulder students. All of the trees were bare of leaves but were totally covered with toilet paper. A guy got on top of a bus and “mooned” the crowd.

Pat (Donina) Nicholanco ’66
Sea Isle City, N.J. 

The spontaneous celebration was in response to Penn State’s upset of then No. 1 Ohio State in Columbus during the 1964 football season.

Article related photo.Remembering the 1960s
I find the whole era loosely termed “the 60s” interesting. I guess I was somewhat of an oddity; perhaps today we would call it a “hybrid.” I was a fraternity boy interested in beer, parties and girls. I was also an ROTC student who served in the U.S. Army from 1967–1969. I never saw combat but several of my friends did in that distant land. I later went on to a 25-year career in law enforcement. I sometimes wonder what those who were fully involved in the 60s are now most proud of. Was it being “relevant”? Was it “social justice”? Was it “peace”? Was it free love? I don’t know, but I sometimes wonder how they feel about their actions. I know how I feel about mine, and I believe I made the right choices. I stake no claim to moral superiority but just wonder if some did not perhaps become too involved in the popular passions of the times.

Joe Koletar ’66
Bolivia, N.C.

A First…
The graduating class of 1960 had our graduation in the new Beaver Stadium.

JoAnne E. Frazee ’60, ’69g
Las Vegas

Members of the Class of 1960 will hold their 50th reunion at Penn State, this June 3–6, part of Traditional Reunion Weekend. One of the most popular tours of reunion weekend is the top-to-bottom tour of Beaver Stadium, including the team’s locker room, the President’s box and a walk on the field itself. Registration will open mid-February.

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