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June 29, 2009
Houston City Officials Again Take “Pride” in Perversity
“Supporting the anti-family “Pride Parade” is unacceptable!”
by Dave Welch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                               June 29, 2009


Contact:  Dave Welch


Houston, TX – An inter-racial, inter-denominational coalition of pastors representing churches throughout the Houston area is calling the participation of Houston city government and officials in the 2009 “Pride Parade” a direct assault on family values.  The parade is an annual event sponsored by the “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender community” and according to the pastors flaunts perversity of every form.


“This event promotes and glorifies sexual deviancy that most people find immoral as well as destructive to family and marriage,” stated the Houston Area Pastor Council.  “The stamp of approval on pedophilia and myriad other sexual disorders by the participation of Mayor Bill White, Council members Peter Brown and Ron Green,  the Houston Fire Department, and other agencies and officials is an offense to every Houstonian who cares about the traditional family and protecting our children,” they also asserted.


“We believe that our government should be accountable to the people and we intend to see that it is,” the pastors continued as they declared their opposition to city involvement.  “We will be initiating an open records request to see if one dime of taxpayers’ money was used.  We will also certainly communicate to our congregants which of those elected to serve the people chose instead to bow to a narrow and morally depraved special interest group.”


They concluded by also calling to account major corporations who sponsored the parade that, according to one attendee, some people come to, “…wearing no clothes at all.”  “We will also be asking Macy’s, Wells Fargo and Continental Airlines why they are supporting sexual deviancy, and whether they would choose to lose the business of a much larger constituency to do so.”


The Houston Area Pastor Council is an inter-denominational, inter-racial coalition of pastors who have united to bring a Biblically grounded voice and influence to social, moral, cultural and political affairs of our communities.

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