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April 28, 2009
Sail toward Health and Wellness on the Grace Bailey

Captain Ray and Ann Williamson have scheduled new cruises for the Grace Bailey this summer.

Motivated by their daughter Kristi, the Williamsons will be offering three five-day Health and Wellness Cruises in July and August, and one five-day Yoga Cruise in August.

Kristi, a Certified Yoga Teacher, believes that the retreat-like ambience of a windjammer and the peaceful, scenic splendor of Penobscot Bay provide an ideal setting for cruises that inspire a sense of well being and encourage a healthier life style. She should know; having grown up sailing the Bay on the fleet of three schooners belonging to her family, Kristi has avidly pursued the study of yoga in schools from Indonesia to Arizona. She spent one-year in India on a spiritual pilgrimage and taught yoga classes in New York City before returning to Maine, where she teaches locally.

Having spent much of her time in retreats where accommodations were in dorms or tents, Kristi has convinced Ray and Ann that cruises emphasizing nutritious meals, sunrise meditations, yoga practices, hiking, and music, combined with the thrill of great sailing and the serenity of the sea, will offer guests a better value than typical retreat settings. Unlike retreats, which have a narrower focus and can be quite expensive, the cruises on the Grace Bailey will be more "couples and family oriented." Spiritual-wellness enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their preferred activities, but their traveling companions, who may not be "into it," can choose to participate or not; if sleeping late is preferred to sunrise meditation, or reading an espionage thriller is more to your liking than group chanting, those choices are yours; whichever your preference, the sailing and the scenery will be spectacular.

Meals on any windjammer are nutritious and bountiful. There are always plenty of options offered at a cabin-top buffet. The Williamsons will be enhancing the traditional Down East feasts with additional vegetarian entr�es, and will offer menu choices that allow healthy eaters to steer a course away from red meat, heavy desserts, and syrup-saturated breakfasts.

The Grace Bailey invites you to rejuvenate your soul and revive your spirit; to spend time in contemplation, clearing your mind and opening your heart as you leave daily stress behind. The Williamsons are confident that you'll end your five-day sail with a feeling of balance and a sense of having reconnected to a world of pristine beauty. For more information about these cruises, email the Grace Bailey or visit their website.

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