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December 21, 2002

         The viewing dates and time for The History Channel's upcoming documentary,TR: An American Lion, have been changed since our last mailing to you on the subject. The new dates and times are:

MONDAY, JANUARY  20,  2003 at  9:00 PM   (ET)
TUESDAY,  JANUARY 21, 2003 at  9:00 PM   (ET)

    Check your local listings to confirm

 Four Hour Documentary Features Richard Dreyfuss as Voice of  TR, Edmund Morris,  Karl Rove, former President Bill Clinton,  Governor  George Pataki, Doug Brinkley,  Tweed Roosevelt, John Gable, H.W. Brands, and Others
       TR: An American Lion, a dynamic and epic new four-hour documentary on the life of Theodore Roosevelt, will be seen on The History Channel on two successive evenings in January, Monday, January 20 and Tuesday, January 21, 2003, at 9:00 PM  (ET). The film is directed by David de Vries and produced by Greystone, and features interviews with historians such as H.W. Brands, Douglas Brinkley, John Milton Cooper, James MacGregor Burns, Sylvia Morris, John Allen Gable, Susan Dunn, Kathleen Dalton, and Edmund Morris, as well as appearances by diverse public figures, united in their admiration for TR: President Bush's assistant, Karl Rove, former President William J. Clinton, and New York's Governor George Pataki.  American Lion also shows interviews with two of TR's granddaughters,  Edith Derby Williams and Nancy Roosevelt Jackson; and two of the President's great grandsons, Tweed Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt, IV.
                                        Dreyfuss and Hermann
      The distinguished actor Edward Hermann is the narrator of  TR: An American Lion, and Richard Dreyfuss, the star of  Jaws and numerous other films, is the voice of Theodore Roosevelt.  Historic film footage-- some of it never seen before-- and historic photographs are used in conjunction with some reenacted scenes from TR's life.  American Lion includes no less than five TR reenactors, portraying Roosevelt at different stages of his life. The TR reenactors include Jonathan Roosevelt, Jr.,  a great-great grandson of TR, and well-known TR impersonator James Foote, who has appeared all over the nation in recent years. Scenes for the documentary were filmed in TR Birthplace in New York City, the New York State Capitol in Albany, the Badlands of North Dakota, Sagamore Hill at Oyster Bay, Long Island, and elsewhere. Some of the historic film footage discovered by director David de Vries, and not previously known to exist, shows First Lady Edith Kermit Roosevelt.
      American Lion promises to be the most complete documentary ever done on TR's life. 
       John Allen Gable, Executive Director of the Theodore Roosevelt Association (TRA), was the historical consultant for American Lion. The single most important source for historic film in the documentary is the distinguished Theodore Roosevelt Association Film Collection in the Library of Congress, Washington, which contains over 20 hours of film. The collection was assembled by the TRA in the 1920s and 1930s, and then donated to the Library of Congress in the 1960s. For years the collection was of little use because the technology was lacking to speed-correct and clean up the old footage; but since the 1980s the collection has become a treasure chest for film makers from all over the world. The main source for historic photographs was the great Theodore Roosevelt Collection at Harvard, which was donated to TR's alma mater, Harvard, in 1943; and which includes over 10,000 photographs and about 5,000 historic cartoons, as well as manuscripts, letters, books, magazines, artifacts, and other materials. "It is hard to see how a decent documentary could be made without the collections the TRA gave to Harvard and the Library of Congress,"  says John Allen Gable. " As it is, the material is so extensive in both collections that there is much that has never been seen since it was assembled 80 years ago.  Thomas A. Edison personally donated films to the collection now in the Library of Congress, and the Roosevelt family has been very generous over the years in giving family correspondence to the TR Collection at Harvard."
      A preview of  TR: An American Lion was shown by director David de  Vries
 at the TRA conference in Buffalo, NY in October.  Those present seemed enthusiastic about the documentary.
   TRA Members: Please spread the word about TR: An American Lion !
     Be sure to check your local listings as times and dates may vary from region to region.

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