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May 7, 2008 Announces Enterprise CRM/BDC Solution
Multiple Rooftops – Single Screen, Single Log-In

Overland Park, KS – rolls out its new Enterprise CRM/BDC Solution for multi-rooftop dealers nationwide. Now from a single screen, with a single log-in users in dealer groups can access customer and inventory data from each of their locations. With the Enterprise system in place sold, unsold, Internet and service customers’ information flows into a centralized database, which in turn allows bi-directional communication with individual stores within the dealer group.

Unlike other CRM systems, the Enterprise CRM/BDC Solution acts as an information conduit between stores, while retaining the ability to treat each individual location autonomously. Every department in every store benefits from the seamless integration of this system.

The sales department can track customer visits within the dealer group’s holdings with the Multiple Store Visiting Report; share customer data between stores without having to re-enter it; push credit applications into leads with access from any facility; push information from one location to DealerTrack or RouteOne, and access it from any store; share desking information from one location to another; and access deals pushed to the DMS from any store within the group.

From a single screen with a single log-in the Internet department can combine inventory photos and data to create a virtual used car lot with two lead routing options: (1) data sent to the store where the lead was generated, or (2) data sent to the store where the vehicle is physically located.

The dealer group’s BDC can log-on once, and from a single screen make CSI calls for all locations; follow up with every unsold customer; accept all in-bound calls, and place all out-bound calls for each dealer group location.

The service department can access all closed repair order data entered at one store from any other dealer group location, and place service-related calls for every location from a single screen with a single log-in.

The reporting features available through the Enterprise CRM/BDC Solution assist management in determining the return each dealership receives from the investment they all share. A variety of summarized Enterprise performance and activity reports allows management to see comparison data from every store on one report. The profit potential for a dealer group using this system is phenomenal. “Being able to control the selling system and review performance levels by logging in once, and looking at data from every store on one screen makes managing a multi-point deal so much easier. I wish this product had been available when I was running stores,” said Doug Kinney, VinStickers’ CEO. With’s Enterprise CRM/BDC Solution powering your data, managing multiple rooftops isn’t difficult any more.

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