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March 13, 2008
Tactical Training Conferences

Tactical Conferences Featuring several instructors in a variety of disciplines are becoming more and more common. A quality conference provides opportunities for attendees to spend time with a variety of instructors and fellow students to explore new techniques, learn about new products and compare notes with people from a diverse set of backgrounds.

The classroom and discussion sessions of these conferences are often the most important parts… exposing participants to new ideas that they can take with them to practice and develop on their own or with their training partners/teams.
In February of 2008, Rob Pincus participated in 2 outstanding conferences in different parts of the country:
Rangemaster Tactical Conference, Memphis, TN
This conference featured an impressive list of instructors and attendees. Tom Givens, Well known instructor and Rangemaster’s owner, has been hosting this conference for many years. Taking place at the Memphis Police Academy, this year’s conference featured sessions taught by Givens, Claude Werner, “Southnarc”, Paul Gomez, Andy Stanford and several other instructors including Rob Pincus. Rob’s 4 hour Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting program was well attended on the first morning. Here’s what one of the participants had to say:
”I'm glad we had the opportunity to participate in your Combat Focus class, as I know it was a positive experience for all of us. As I mentioned at the end of the session, I appreciate that you are able to articulate your opinions and ideas so effectively. I believed many of the concepts we covered, but now I have a much better idea why I believe them. The drills were excellent, especially the "run a lap" variants and the figure eight drill. We'll be using both in the future.”
-Joseph V.

Rangemaster recently announced that the 2009 event will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Rob plans on attending this event as well.
First Annual Farmington Firearms Instructors Conference, Farmington, NM

Rob gave the keynote address at this law enforcement only conference and taught two Introduction to Combat Focus Shooting Sessions. In addition, presentations and sessions were run by Evan Lee, Kent O’Donnel and Shane Utley and others. The topics covered included a revolver familiarization/refresher for some of the younger LE Instructors who had never dealt with revolvers themselves, but were responsible for providing training for them at their agency, efficient shotgun manipulation techniques, shooting from a vehicle and I.C.E. Training’s Contact Shooting block from the Extreme Close Quarters program. On the second day of the conference, attendees were also introduced to the new qualification courses being introduced statewide in New Mexico. This event was attended by law enforcement instructors from around the four corners region and is sure to grow over the coming years. For more information about participating next year, contact Kent O’Donnel.

Get Involved:
Rob or other I.C.E. Instructors are scheduled to participate in the following Conferences in 2008:
*International Association of LE Firearms Instructors Annual Training Conference
Reno, NV
*1 inch to 100 yards Tactical Conference
Laughlin, NV
*SWAT Round Up International
Orlando, FL
Blauer Combatives Camp
Virginia Beach, VA
*Combat Focus Training Program scheduled.

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