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February 19, 2008
Request Less - Get More Leads
by Mike Vierzchalek, Senior Designer/SEO Specialist

Shorter is better


It turns out than an old axiom – the shorter the better – holds true not just for political speeches and religious services, but also for Web landing pages. A recent study demonstrates that you can get more leads if you ask for less from the user.


A typical landing page – the page the user “lands on” after clicking a banner ad or a search engine sponsored ad – yields a 2-5 percent Click-Through Rate (CTR) on average. The higher the CTR, the more leads for your business. So how can you get the CTR into double digits?  Maybe by asking for less information from the user. 


A study by Marketo ( set up three versions of the same landing page where the only difference was the form the user had to complete in order to get the free demo. 


Of the three forms tested, the shortest form performed the best, achieving a CTR of 13.4% and lowest Cost Per Conversion (CPC) $31.24 (CPC is the cost of the ad divided by the number of leads produced).  The best performing form asked for only six required fields to be filled in:  first name, last name, job title, company and work eMail address. 


The  second-best performing form,  achieving a conversion rate of 12 percent and Cost Per Conversion of $34.94, had two additional  required fields (number of employees and a yes/no question on whether the user was a member). 


The poorest performing form, with a CTR of 10 percent and a CPC of $41.90, had a total of 10 required fields (phone number and ndustry were added to the eight fields on the medium-length form).


In our experience, phone number is one information request most likely to cause a user to stop filling out a form,  because no one wants to encourage repeat phone calls from an aggressive  sales person.


So, to increase your sales leads from landing pages, keep your reply forms as short as possible. And contact us at if you want any more specific advice about optimizing your landing pages.

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