January 2012

Kia Hamsters Shuffle Their Way to “Rookie of the Year” Honor

Kia’s lovable and entertaining hamsters have once again grooved their way into the spotlight by earning the first-ever “Rookie of the Year” award from the Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.
The now famous hamsters exploded onto the scene in a hip advertising campaign for the Soul urban passenger vehicle back in 2009. Since then, the hamsters have entertained audiences throughout the media landscape on television, in movie theaters and on the web.
Created by David&Goliath, the advertising agency of record for Kia Motors America (KMA), the hamster campaign has captured Nielsen’s “Automotive Ad of the Year” two years in a row, as well as Silver and Gold Effie Awards.
“Share Some Soul” is the latest ad featuring three hamsters set to the sounds of the smash hit Party Rock Anthem. Performing the latest shuffling dance craze, the hamsters get the attention of battling alien robots and humanoids that immediately stop fighting, drop their weapons and join the intergalactic dance party.
The new ad plays off the success of previous funky spots such as “A New Way to Roll” and “This or That.” Collectively, the hamster campaign has increased overall consumer awareness, positive perception and consideration of the Kia brand. KMA recently surpassed its previous mark for all-time best annual sales in less than nine months.
“In just two years, the hamsters have become pop culture icons and driven record sales for the Soul and the Kia brand,” said Michael Sprague, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for KMA, in a press release. “The Soul and its advertising were designed to stand out in a sea of sameness, and this ‘Rookie of the Year’ honor is a tribute to the hamsters’ viral success and ability to grab the attention of consumers looking for something with a unique style and personality.”
Like the hamsters, Kia models such as the Soul have their own distinctive identities and attitudes that set them apart from the mainstream. Whether it’s original and intriguing advertising or the sharp designs of its latest vehicle, Kia keeps audiences on the edges of their seats with The Power to Surprise.