April 2012

Kia Hybrid Technology Blends Efficiency and Style

By combining efficiency with style, Kia has developed affordable, state-of-the-art hybrid technology that far surpasses the industry standard.
Take the 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid, for example. Not your ordinary hybrid midsize sedan, the Optima Hybrid gets a class-leading 40 mpg highway while still achieving class-leading 206 total horsepower. It’s truly the perfect blend of efficiency, power and style. It’s also a pretty good-looking car, too.
Environmentally friendly? Check. The Optima Hybrid is SmartWay certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, meaning it received impressive marks on both its Greenhouse Gas Score and Air Pollution Score.
The car can operate in either EV mode (electric only) or gas/electric (hybrid) mode. When the vehicle is in EV mode, it runs on energy stored in the advanced lithium polymer battery, which is lighter, more compact and more powerful than other hybrid batteries. EV mode ultimately assists the gas engine with hybrid operation by reducing overall fuel consumption.
From a stopped position, EV mode can propel the car up to 30 mph, or it can employ the use of the vehicle’s Idle Stop and Go technology to operate in either EV or hybrid mode, depending on driving conditions and desired acceleration.
On an incline, the Optima Hybrid uses both gas and electric power to deliver and maintain the desired performance level. On a downhill, electric power is used through the Idle Stop and Go technology. If the gas engine is not needed, it will shut off automatically to conserve fuel. When the brakes are applied, the car’s Regenerative Braking System charges the battery.
Inside the Optima Hybrid, the power ratio gauge displays whether the car is using its electric motor or the gas engine. The regeneration screen displays how much the regenerative battery-charging system recharges the hybrid battery each time the brakes are applied.
Kia has also incorporated hybrid technology into its futuristic concept models, in addition to the Optima Hybrid. The Kia Ray is a dynamic, plug-in hybrid concept vehicle that maximizes efficiency through cutting-edge design and engineering. The four-seat compact sedan features cool glazing solar glass and is powered by a lithium-polymer battery. The future is now and Kia is ready.
By designing a consumer vehicle such as the Optima Hybrid, Kia has proven that it’s possible to achieve efficiency and sustainability without sacrificing an ounce of style. You’ll not only feel good driving an Optima Hybrid, you’ll also look good. Now that’s a win-win situation for everyone.