December 2011

The One and Only BMW xDrive

The “x” stands for “peace of mind.” The “x” stands for “intelligent.” The “x” stands for “safe and responsive.”
BMW xDrive is the intelligent all-wheel drive system that is all these things. The xDrive system automatically delivers the right amount of power and the best possible traction to the right place, at the right times, before you even realize it’s necessary.
Intelligent? Under normal conditions, xDrive distributes power to your BMW vehicle’s axles in a 40/60 front-to-back ratio. However, xDrive and Dynamic Stability Control (DCS) sensors automatically read the changing road conditions and adjust the power distribution instantly to compensate, directing even 100 percent of power to one axle, if necessary.
For example, imagine starting from a stop with the rear wheels sitting on a sheet of ice. With BMW xDrive, all the drive energy is directed to the front axle, which pulls the vehicle off the sheet of ice. Then, xDrive and Dynamic Stability Control will know the first millisecond that the rear wheels are on clear, dry pavement, and will redistribute drive power so it is balanced between front and rear wheels. Dynamic Stability Control and xDrive work with constant communication to recognize the first hint of wheelspin and distribute torque as necessary to maintain optimal handling and stability.
On rock and rubble, when one tire may completely lose contact with the ground, xDrive sensors tell the multi-disk clutch where to send power to always have maximum possible traction.
On curves, when xDrive senses the first sign of understeer, it will reduce power to the front axle. Likewise, when it senses oversteer, xDrive will compensate by increase drive power to the front axle.
The result is that you feel like your BMW pulls you through curves on a set of rails—sure-footed and completely stable at all times.
BMW xDrive continues to work even at the lowest speeds. When you’re parking, xDrive sensors open the clutch completely, enabling optimal powertrain function. Because the DSC system is connected to your BMW car or SAV’s antilock braking system (ABS), xDrive will deliver braking power to individual wheels, as needed, to make sure you are always under control.
The “x” marks the spot. Learn more about BMW xDrive at