November 2011

Canada’s Got Talent

An epidemic is sweeping the U.S., and each day, more Americans are finding themselves afflicted with this curious illness. Symptoms include heart palpitations, shortness of breath and hair flipping – lots and lots of hair flipping. The origins of this illness can be traced back to the exotic nation known as Canada. This great 21st century epidemic is, of course, Bieber Fever. Although you may not have been prepared for the mass hysteria Justin Bieber Fever would cause, the next great Can-epidemic doesn’t have to take you by surprise.
There is no shortage of Canadian actors in Hollywood. From A-Lister’s like Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves to up-and-comers like Seth Rogen and Glee’s Cory Monteith, it’s an absolute Canadian invasion and we have to be prepared. 
Canadians Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds are currently two of the hottest actors in Hollywood. While they have drastically different careers, their paths have been quite similar. Both starred on kid’s shows in their native Canada, Reynolds on Fifteen and Gosling on Breaker High. Both have appeared opposite Sandra Bullock, in The Proposal and Murder by Numbers,respectively, and both became tabloid fixtures thanks to rumored romantic entanglements with the actress. They both even took time out of their busy schedules to fight crime this past summer: Reynolds in the movies as The Green Lantern, and Gosling in real life as that muscular dude in the weird striped tank top who broke up a heated fight on the streets of New York City. With so many similarities between the two Canadian Ryans, it’s no surprise that the parallels are not lost on the actors themselves. Gosling recently joked with CNN, “I do get a lot of disappointed 'You're not Ryan Reynolds’…and then they walk away with their heads down.”
While Canada has turned out some great leading men, there are also plenty of ladies from America’s great neighbor to the north, especially in the music industry. Music icon Celine Dion is a native of Quebec while 90s hit-machines Shania Twain and Alanis Morrisette both grew up in Ontario. Three-time Grammy Award-winning jazz sensation Diana Krall is from British Columbia, as is pop star Nelly Furtado. Alberta boasts Joni Mitchell and Tegan & Sara, and Sarah McLachlan calls Nova Scotia home.
As is typical with Canadians, their ascent to the top of the A-List is done without much trumpeting or fanfare. While British success in the U.S. leads to an “invasion,” The Great White North sits silently and watches with pride, though that might be because there is a hockey game on and they can’t be bothered to discuss the pride they feel to have produced the man (Mike Myers) who starred as Austin Powers in Goldmember.