November 2011

Volvo S60, C30 and XC70 Earn AutoPacific Ideal Vehicle Awards

The S60, C30 and XC70 were all recently honored with 2011 Ideal Vehicle Awards (IVA), presented by automotive research and consulting firm AutoPacific.
IVAs are based on owners’ ratings of new 2011 model year vehicles across 15 key attributes such as power, acceleration and interior. Customers surveyed were asked if they would change anything about their vehicles, and those vehicles that owners would change the least are rated most ideal. More than 72,000 participants took part in the survey.
The S60 was named the most ideal aspirational luxury car, receiving high praise for its ride, seat comfort and handling. The C30 earned the distinction of most ideal premium compact car with owners touting its seat comfort, ride and power. Both the S60 and C30 outdistanced the second place vehicles in their respective classes by wide margins. Rounding out Volvo’s IVA selections, the XC70 was named the most ideal luxury crossover SUV. Owners like its exterior size, large wheels and firm seats. The XC60 finished second in the luxury crossover SUV class, giving Volvo a clean sweep in that category.
Volvo also recently received the 2011 best-in-class Vehicle Satisfaction Awards from AutoPacific in the premium compact car category for the C30, S40 and V50.
“IVA winners deliver the most of what consumers are really looking for in their vehicles,” said George Peterson, President of AutoPacific. “Shoppers can use the IVAs as a benchmark for vehicles that are designed and built with customers in mind.”
Owner satisfaction is a key indicator of a quality product. The results are in, and Volvo owners have spoken. Not surprisingly, they wouldn’t change much of anything when it comes to their cars. Volvo takes pride in designing and producing cars that consistently exceed customer expectations.