April 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas: Movies and Music for Mom

Mother’s Day was approved as a holiday on the second Sunday in May by Woodrow Wilson in 1914. Surprisingly, it was not created by the greeting card and floral industries. Movies and music are ideal Mother’s Day gifts because they are affordable, accessible, easily personalized and can capture a shared memory or experience.
Movies for Mom
Here are three movie recommendations likely to please and entertain Mom:
“Little Miss Sunshine” (2006) is a comedy loaded with satire and richly rooted in Americana. It features the dysfunctional Hoover family on a trip to a child beauty pageant. The film was a Sundance Film Festival showstopper. Its plot and themes make you think about what it means to lose in a culture where competition, winning and achieving are highly valued. Young Abigail Breslin made her big-screen debut in the film. Comedian Greg Kinnear also stars, joined by Toni Collette, Paul Dano, Steve Carell and Alan Arkin. This film will make Mom laugh and cry.
“Walk the Line” (2005) is the love story of country music legends Johnny and June Carter Cash. The film focuses on Johnny’s early career when the couple’s love grew and flourished. Both Johnny and June were actively involved in the development of the script and movie for a seven-year period until their deaths in 2003. This story will pull on Mom’s heartstrings.
“The Holiday” (2006) centers around two protagonists played by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. Both are unhappy with their significant others. To escape heartache, they decide to trade homes and lives. One lives in the U.S. and the other in the U.K., and each woman meets a new love in her borrowed life. The film also stars comedian Jack Black in a romantic role and bad-boy heartthrob Jude Law.
Music for Mom
Music is an equally appropriate gift for Mom as a way to express sentiment and appreciation. Below are three quintessential anthems to help you say "thank you" on Mom's special day:
“You Raise Me Up” (2003) is Josh Groban’s ballad and ode to mothers, and part of his album "Closer" that was released in 2003. The song is one of the artist’s best known from his 32 albums. For moms who enjoy Andrea Bocelli or Michael Buble, Groban is a great choice.
“A Mother’s Day” (2001) is easy-listening artist Jim Brickman’s anthem for mothers from his album, "Simple Things." Brickman is an established fixture in adult contemporary music with his rich ballads and skill at tickling the ivories. Think Kenny G or Michael Bolton in sound and style.
“Mama Said” (1961) is The Shirelles happy, dance-around, sing-songy hit on "The Scepter Records Story" album. It was a Billboard chart topper in its day.
Mother’s Day 2012 marks the perfect occasion for remembering Mom with a thoughtful gift and token of appreciation. Movies and music are suitable ways for Mom to escape and be entertained, while also feeling loved and appreciated.